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Music Parents & Make-Up Lessons

Music parents and make-up lessons. Understand the importance. Each school year, around this time, parents become fixated on receiving a "make-up lesson" or "make-up class" for an absence earlier in [...]

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Summer Music Learning Is Important

Summer music learning is important. Summer music learning should Compliment school year achievements and objectives Refresh students with new music, goals and opportunities Offer continuity and preparation for the upcoming [...]

Summer Nights @ Music Notes

Summer Nights @ Music Notes. We love Summer. Music students and parents should love Summer Nights @ Music Notes too. Summer music lessons are very important and crucial to a [...]

State Theatre of New Jersey

State Theatre of New Jersey has two free tickets for you. The State Theatre of New Jersey has something special for Music Notes Academy students and parents. Today through Saturday, [...]

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Competitors Should Be Colleagues

Competitor music schools should be colleagues. I’ve had way too much coffee in East Brunswick today, so here it goes. Un-edited and first draft… My industry is music education and [...]

A Best Music School

We are A Best Music School. Here's why. We are going into our 17th school year teaching music. We started teaching percussion in 2000, by accident. Our Director didn't [...]

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Get More With Music Notes

Get more with Music Notes. Students simply get more with their music when attending Music Notes Academy. Here are some benefits to to learning music at Music Notes Academy in [...]

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Transferring Music Schools

Students are transferring from other local music schools more this school year. We accept music students transferring from other music schools and private music teachers all the time. Here's what parents [...]

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