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Parents Want Music

Parents Want Music Parents want music. Whether it's for their child or themselves, they want music lessons. Parents also want free and cheap. So do we actually. Free Trial Classes: Yup, we're asked nearly everyday for a free trial. Parents…

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Saxophone Lessons

Benefits of Private Woodwinds Lessons Too

Benefits of Private Woodwinds Lessons Too Benefits of Renting a Quality Musical Instrument: Students have more success when they have a good quality, functioning instrument. Students will likely love music more, if their instrument is good.  Good Quality Instruments: Sound…

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Benefits of Private Woodwind Music Lessons

Learn more about Music Notes Academy's Woodwind Teacher, Ms. Elana. Here are some benefits of private woodwind music lessons.  Ms. Elana is a woodwind specialist teacher. She plays all flutes, clarinets, saxophones, oboe and bassoon. With a Masters Degree in…

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