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Well, you have decided to discontinue your enrollment with us. We hope your time studying with Music Notes was educational and enjoyable.

Complete the following Student Withdrawal online form below and we will confirm your request for discontinuing your enrollment. If you seek to continue your music instruction in the future simply complete our online Student Registration. We’ll get back in touch with you to continue your music education.

If there is a balance remaining on your account, an invoice will be emailed to you with due-date information included. Payment is due by the due date indicated to avoid late fees. If you have a credit card on file, your credit card will be charged. A receipt will be emailed.

1/9/19 — As noted at our East Brunswick Academy – and emailed to parents within the monthly tuition receipts – due to NJ’s Paid Sick Leave Law that began on 10/29/18, we were forced to make changes to our Academy Policies. Student Withdrawal during the school year for monthly adult students and parents requires 60-days notice of withdrawal, when discontinuing prior to the end of our school year. $275 early discontinuation fee will be added to your account.

As a courtesy reminder for adult students and parents, any credit card disputes or charge-backs (as they’re called by credit card companies) with your credit card company will be taken very seriously. When Music Notes Academy, LLC wins your credit card dispute, your over-payment will be applied towards future instruction only. If you discontinue your enrollment and then dispute your credit card charge(es) afterwards, you’ll be communicating with Music Notes Academy, LLC’s law firm attorneys. They’ll contact you, once we receive the paperwork on your credit card dispute. All reasonable and billable hours for Music Notes Academy, LLC and its attorneys, plus interest, late fees, including the amount disputed, etc. will be invoiced to the adult student or parent. We are considered a small business and credit card charge-backs cause great harm to us as a merchant with credit-card processing.

Thank you for choosing Music Notes Academy for your music education. Your music education was very important to us. We are still here for you should you need any assistance in the future.

Complete our Student Withdrawal form below to discontinue your enrollment with us. Please contact us if you have any questions about discontinuing your enrollment.

6/9/22 — Parents, Adult Students: If you enrolled for the upcoming school year – and a registration fee and/or a deposit has been collected to officially reserve your class schedule – and now you’re seeking to discontinue the upcoming school year enrollment, it’s $275 plus 60-days of tuition. Just like it would be if the school year was in session. We are creating employment schedules and reserving the class schedule for you or your child – that you registered for. Canceling now, weeks after the registration was processed or prior to the enrolled-for semester or school year begins does great harm to Music Notes Academy.

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