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Student Absences & Make-Up Classes

Student absences happen. This is why we offer backbeat Make-Up Classes.

Complete the form below to schedule an absence or schedule a backbeat Make-Up Class.

backbeat Make-Up Classes

Group make-up classes became available Tuesday, 4/19/22

5/4/22 — Group make-up classes became available on Tuesday, 4/19/22. Since our teaching schedules are nearly full, these classes below will be the only classes offered. We have no additional availability to add additional classes. Some students may have to attend selected make-up classes online. Priority will be given to students that had advanced notice or scheduled absences. School Year ’21-’22 had the most student absences ever, in 22 years. It’s impossible for an entire Academy of students to have make-up classes. To learn more about why this is policy, schedule an online or in-person meeting with Brandon Kurzawa today.

6/18/22 — If today’s date is 6/18/22 or after, the absence and group make-up class form is closed. Scheduling absences and selecting group make-up classes will return in September with the ’22-’23 school year.

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