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Enrollment Agreement

The fine print. That's big and clear.

To ensure Music Notes Academy students receive the most comprehensive and well-rounded music education, adult students and parents are required to agree to our Enrollment Agreement.

To begin private music instruction, Performance Plus Certificate, TiedNotes – group classes, rock bands, ensembles, bands – fineTUNE Private Lessons or Trial Music Lessons with Music Notes Academy, an agreement to these Academy Policies is required.

Adult students and parents should read and reference this Enrollment Agreement throughout the enrollment period. Respectfully, let us know if there are any questions. We are here to help adult students and parents make the most of their music education.

9/1/20 — Due to Covid-19, for any government – local, state or federal – force majeure Academy closings or building closures – or – any forced required building closings or closures — enrolled students will be switched to our online learning and online music school. Adult students and parents will be notified. Notices and announcements will appear within this website.

3/6/22 — As of 3/7/22, masks are optional for students, parents, teachers and visitors – per NJ’s EO reversal for schools. If you’d like and prefer us to wear a mask, kindly ask us. We will.

Online Learning

Your Music Notes Academy teacher will call via our online learning platform at the start time of your scheduled class. It’s important for the student to be ready and awaiting our video call. We will try three times – within the first 15-minutes of class. Here’s an example: If you have a 3:00pm-3:30pm class, we will call up to three times between 3pm and 3:15pm. Students are also able to video-call us back within the first 15-minutes of class. If the student is absent during the first 15-minutes of class, we assume the student is not attending for the day.

Students should have their smart device ready and charged and have the power cable plugged in. Students should have their instrument(s), sheet music, books and any needed accessories (tuners, metronomes, pencils, sharpeners, staff paper, etc…) ready and nearby for the start time of class.

Music Notes Academy is not responsible for poor internet connections, dropped video calls, missing devices or any technology related errors, problems or circumstances that may limit or prohibit a student from attending their online class, private lesson or band class. For missed classes or lessons, adult students or parents may select an online backbeat Make-Up Class.

Parents of younger children should be present during class time. Not only is this beneficial educationally, it also helps younger students navigate the technology, stay focused and organized. Parents benefit from observing and understanding what we are trying to accomplish as teachers of music.

Practicing will be assigned. Expectations are the similar to in-person learning and classes. We want students to practice and build on content, improve and enjoy playing music.

Trial Music Lesson

Schedule your Trial Music Lesson carefully. There are no refunds, credits, make-up lessons or re-scheduling if the student cannot attend online or arrive to our Academy for the scheduled Trial Lesson date and time. Your payment for your Trial Music Lesson secures your private lesson date and time.

fineTune Music Lessons

Schedule your fineTUNE Music Lessons carefully. There are no refunds, credits, make-up lessons or re-scheduling if the student cannot attend online or arrive to our Academy for the scheduled fineTUNE Music Lesson date(s) and time(s). Your payment for fineTUNE Music Lessons secure your private lesson date and time.

Student Registration

Student Registration Fee – and a 3 or 6 lesson deposit – reserves your lesson day and time with a teacher for an upcoming semester, school year or private instruction start date. Once a student is registered for a private lesson day and time, that remains the lesson day and time throughout the entire Semester or school year. To change a lesson day and time, a new registration fee is required plus additional tuition if applicable, based upon the Academy Calendar. Signing up for the school year requires registration for the school year. Signing up by the semester will require an additional registration for an additional semester. Summer Semester requires registration. For Summer Semester and School Year private lessons, bands, classes, etc. registrations that are discontinued, withdrawn or canceled approaching the Summer Semester or upcoming school year will result in a $275 withdrawal fee, payable by the adult student or parent at the time of online withdrawal.

Covid-19 Procedures

Covid-19 has engaged additional, separate and ever-changing procedures and protocols. Separate waivers, acknowledgements and notices will be made available here within or separately noted online, via email or posted at the Academy.

Semester Enrollment

Adult students or parents who enroll for a Semester are responsible for registering and enrolling for the next or upcoming semester, if selecting to continue. Scheduled lesson days and times are only reserved for the semester in which the student registered for. Only a new registration fee with a 3 or 6 lesson deposit will reserve a lesson day and time for the upcoming semester or school year. There are no make-up classes or lessons for Summer Semester, regardless of your selected music program, class, ensemble or band.

Music Store: Books, Accessories, Instruments & Rentals

Students will receive instructional materials – sheet music, instructional method books, flashcards, books w/CDs or downloads, instrument accessories and related – as needed based upon the student’s musical progress, based on the teacher’s recommendation and Music Notes Academy’s recommendation and discretion. For students enrolled in Music Notes Academy’s auto bill-pay program such items are added to the upcoming tuition statement(s) or auto-charge(es). For students enrolled by the semester or school year, such items need to be paid for prior to using or leaving the Academy. All students are required to purchase Music Notes Academy’s Learn Today, Play Tomorrow® Assignment Book. Instructional books and music are necessary for a comprehensive education. Students borrowing Music Notes Academy books and sheet music are subject to administrative service charges.

Music Store Policy

You may recall this sign was posted near the front desk, pre-Covid-19…

Musical instruments, accessories, sheet music, books purchased here at Music Notes Academy, LLC can be returned for a full refund or credit towards a different item or product within 15-days from the purchase date. There are no refunds for instructional lessons, classes, ensembles, trial lessons, Summer Semesters, recitals, concerts, etc.

All items must be returned to us with all the original and unaltered packaging, including all paperwork, accessories, warranty card(s), information and manual(s) within 15-days of the purchase date on the receipt or invoice in new condition, without any noticeable signs of wear or tear. Customer is solely responsible for any shipping charges for all returned items. Customer shall deliver all returned items to our East Brunswick, NJ Academy during regular operating hours in accordance with our school year calendar. Certain items may be subject to a 15% restocking fee, to be determined by a Music Notes Academy, LLC employee at the time of return.

Reeds, harmonicas, pitch pipes, microphones, guitar strings or bass strings, violin, viola, cello or bass strings, drumsticks, drum heads, clothing, cleaners, polishes, cloths, software, books, CDs, and DVDs may be returned for credit only if the item(s) is(are) in their original and sealed packaging. If defective, these above mentioned items will only be exchanged for the same product. Copyrighted items, including sheet music, books, instructional materials, DVDs and CDs are non-refundable and all sales are final.

Items marked “final sale” and items that are “used”, “demo models”, “special orders” or any items currently not available as stock inventory are not eligible for a refund for any reason(s).

Deposits are required for items that are ordered specifically for a student, parent or customer and that are not in-stock or within current inventory at the time of inquiry or purchase. a 50% deposit is required, with the balance due in-full when the item is available for pick-up by the customer. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason.

Any warranty issues need to be processed through the item’s warranty department directly, with the manufacturer. Music Notes Academy, LLC will gladly assist with any warranty claims, however it is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to honor its warranty policy. Prices and offers may be subject to change, with or without notice. Music Notes Academy, LLC is not liable for for typographical errors, incorrect manufacturer’s specifications, inaccuracies or inconsistencies. It is the responsibility of the customer to know and understand these Store Policies prior to purchasing.

For any credit card charge-backs or disputes, initiated with your credit card company, the customer is subject to a $125 fee, payable by the customer, with interest and late fees from the date disputed, plus disputed amount. All reasonable administrative and attorney costs are payable by the customer. If you believe your credit card statement to be incorrect or inaccurate, simply let us know before initiating a dispute with your credit card.

Updated July 2019. Posted here, within this website 3/14/22.


Any books, accessories, musical instruments that Music Notes Academy, LLC ships to adult students or parents will be through USPS, UPS or FedEx. Tracking Numbers will be noted on receipts, invoices or statements when applicable. Adult students and parents are responsible for the shipping costs. In lieu of shipping, adult students and parents can pick-up items at the East Brunswick Academy, during a scheduled appointment or during normal operating hours. Any shipping errors – by the providers listed above – will be directed to those providers for assistance.

School Year Enrollment, Monthly Tuition EasyPay

A 3-lesson deposit equal to three (3) private lessons may be collected at the time of enrollment. Students are enrolled for our academic school year. To discontinue enrollment, adult student or parent must complete our student withdrawal online form – on this website – with 60-days notice of discontinuation – the 3 lesson deposit is applied towards the last tuition statement. $275 EARLY DISCONTINUATION FEE APPLIES IF DISCONTINUING BEFORE Music Notes Academy’s END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OF/FOR DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS ARE ONLY APPLIED TO THE LAST TUITION STATEMENT WITH PROPER WITHDRAWAL. TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON(S). If the enrollment is not discontinued it is assumed the student will return in the upcoming school year, thus the deposit can be applied to the next school year. Registration for the upcoming school year is required to reserve a specific private lesson day and time. 3-Lesson Deposits can be applied towards Summer Semester by scheduling Summer instruction. These policies coincide with the credit card auto bill-pay form separately agreed to along with this registration.

Credit Card Chargebacks & Disputed Credit Card Charges

For any and all charge-backs or disputed credit card charges initiated with your credit card company, a $125 administrative fee will be added to your account, plus the original amount disputed, with applicable interest, late fees and reasonable administrative and attorney costs, regardless if your enrollment is current or discontinued. When Music Notes Academy, LLC wins your credit card dispute, your over payment will only be applied towards future instruction. If you believe your credit card charges to be inaccurate or incorrect, it’s recommended and appropriate to respectfully contact Music Notes Academy, LLC prior to disputing your credit card charge(s) with your credit card company. Credit Card charge-backs and disputes do great harm to complaint and legitimate small businesses.


Tuition is due on or before the first scheduled class or lesson day or by the due date indicated on tuition invoice or statement. Tuition is non- refundable for any reason(s). A $25 late fee shall be applied and payable by customers or parents for any and all payments submitted late, past the due date indicated on an invoice or tuition statement. MNA reserves the right, at MNA’s sole discretion, to cancel or discontinue music lessons and instruction, classes, ensembles or bands of any student whose account is past due. Any amount(s) not paid when due shall be assessed a finance or service charge at the rate of 18% per year or 1.5% per month. If the student’s or parent’s account is placed or given to an attorney or law firm for collections and collections proceedings, adult student or parent shall pay any and all expenses of collection and attempted collection, legal costs and reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to other administrative amount(s) due. Please Note: You are responsible for your monthly tuition and payments even if you do not receive a bill. This is why we are processing your tuition for you.

Private Lesson & Class Absences

Private lesson cancellations are to be processed by completing our online student absence form found on the “Current Students” page at STUDENTS CAN ATTEND A BACKBEAT MAKE-UP CLASS FOR STUDENT ABSENCES WITH MORE THAN 48-HOURS NOTICE AND ACADEMY CLOSINGS (SNOW DAY, INCLEMENT WEATHER, BUILDING EMERGENCIES). MAKE- UP CLASSES ARE TO BE SCHEDULED AT MUSICNOTESACADEMY.COM’S CURRENT STUDENTS PAGE. PRIVATE LESSON CANCELLATIONS WITHIN 48-HOURS NOTICE, MISSED LESSONS, NO SHOWS AND LATE STUDENT ARRIVALS ARE INELIGIBLE FOR A PRIVATE LESSON MAKE-UP LESSON, EXTRA CLASS TIME, TUITION CREDIT(S), REFUND(S) OR A BACKBEAT MAKE-UP CLASS. THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP CLASSES FOR SUMMER SEMESTER STUDENT ABSENCES. Teachers are paid for class time, regardless if a student shows up for class or cancels an absence. Music Notes Academy reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class, lesson, group class, ensemble, band or other program, as well as change instructor(s) or teacher(s), provide substitute teachers or instructors at Music Notes Academy’s discretion. Adult student or parent will be notified of any changes.

Performance PLUS Certificate

Make-Up Lessons are limited to one (1) per Music Notes Academy’s Semester, for students studying in PERFORMANCE PLUS CERTIFICATE PROGRAM, limited to the teacher’s schedule of availability – scheduling arrangements are to be organized with the office staff – not the student’s teacher directly – make-up lessons with the same teacher may not be available and are not guaranteed. Make-up lessons cannot be scheduled into the/any upcoming semester and are not eligible for or towards credits or refunds. Adult students and parents are responsible for scheduling make-up lessons with MNA office staff. 48-Hour notice of student absence is required via website, limited to 1 make-up lesson per semester, no make-up lessons for same day cancellations or student no shows, no make-up lessons for canceling make-up lessons.

Teacher Absences, Inclement Weather Closings

If the teacher is absent on your scheduled private lesson or class day – due to NJ’s Paid Sick Leave Law – a make-up lesson or make-up class may be offered based upon the teacher’s employment schedule(s) and availability, a substitute teacher may be provided, the lesson or class schedule(s) may be adjusted or a backbeat Group Make-Up Class will be offered as a make-up option – at Music Notes Academy’s sole discretion. There are NO TUITION CREDITS OR REFUNDS FOR ANY MISSED PRIVATE LESSONS or CLASSES MISSED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER – SNOW, RAIN, HEAT, COLD, WIND, CLOUDS or UNDESIRABLE WEATHER CONDITIONS, ETC. WE CANNOT CONTROL THE WEATHER, SNOW PLOWING COMPANIES, SNOW PLOW ROUTES AND SNOW CLEAN-UP TIMES OR STATE OF EMERGENCIES and now state or federal force majeures. Music Notes Academy reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any classes or lessons, group classes, ensembles, bands or other program, as well as change teacher(s), provide substitute teachers and instructors at Music Notes Academy’s sole discretion. 1/3/22 — If a Music Notes Academy teacher is required to quarantine due to Covid-19, yet is well enough to teach and is not ill, classes and private lessons will be conducted online within our online music school platform.

TiedNotes, Rock Band & Ensembles

Enrollment for TiedNotes, Rock Band & Ensembles is for the school year – unless otherwise noted for a Semester – and adult student or parent is required to pay the tuition in full each month. If choosing to discontinue early, before the end of Music Notes Academy’s academic school year, adult student or parent is required to pay the current tuition statement plus a $275 early withdrawal fee by the due date indicated along with tuition for the remaining 60-days. Music Notes’ EasyPay is required or TiedNotes tuition can be paid for in-full before the start of our school year. There are no tuition credits, refunds or make-up classes or rehearsals for any Bands or Ensembles student absences.

Student Concerts, Recitals & Events

Students are required to have studied music with Music Notes Academy for at least six months as of June of each school year to be eligible to perform or teacher/director approval is required. Student is required to be enrolled through the end of Music Notes Academy’s school year for participation in Spring Student Recitals, regardless of recital fee(s) paid. All tuition and any late fees, if applicable, must be paid and up to date for eligibility to perform. Registrations are based on a first-come, first-serve basis and are encouraged early for guaranteed placement. Students/parents will be placed in their 2nd choice recital time if the 1st choice is full. Recital registrations received after the deadline require an additional $25 and student may not be eligible for acknowledgment in our concert program or receive trophies/awards. No refunds or credits for student cancellations, changes, enrollment discontinuations after registering, registration is not transferable to other student(s) or sibling(s). In the event the recitals are full at the time your registration is received, parent will be notified and recital registration(s) will be applied towards your upcoming tuition statement as a credit only. By registering you agree that Music Notes Academy, LLC can photograph or video your student’s performance(s) and use photo(s) or video(s) within our websites, brochures, flyers, marketing, online marketing, etc… If a student or parent arrives to an incorrect and non-registered recital performance time, the student may not be eligible to perform. Students who behave inappropriately at the venue or leave the recitals early for any reason will not be eligible to receive their performance award(s) and/or perform. Auditorium seating is limited, seating is available based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seating marked “reserved” is actually reserved, do not sit in seating marked “reserved”. Students dressed inappropriately may not be allowed to perform, at MNA’s sole discretion. 1/3/22 — Spring Student Recitals ’22 and beyond will likely have additional, separate and corresponding terms and conditions, based upon the venue, Covid-19, etc…

Late Fees & Non-Payment

A $25 late fee shall be applied and payable by customers for payments submitted late, past the due date indicated on an invoice or tuition statement. Music Notes Academy, LLC reserves the right, at Music Notes Academy, LLC’s sole discretion, to cancel or discontinue music lessons or instruction of any student whose account is past due. Any amount(s) not paid when due shall be assessed a finance or service charge at the rate of 18% per year or 1.5% per month. If the adult student or parent’s account is placed or given to an attorney for collection, adult student or parent shall pay any and all expenses of collection and attempted collection, court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to other amount(s) due. You are responsible for your monthly tuition/bill payments even if you do not receive a bill.

Bounced Checks

A $35 NSF fee will be charged for any bounced or returned checks, or maximum amount allowed by NJ law. Music Notes Academy, LLC reserves the right to cancel and/or discontinue private music lessons of any student whose account is past due.

Adult Student & Parent Change of Contact

It is the responsibility of the adult student or parent(s) to inform Music Notes Academy, LLC of any changes to physical addresses, contact person(s), email address(es), credit card changes or other information such as updated credit card information for auto bill-pay or auto-pay. Music Notes Academy, LLC is not responsible for not having the adult student’s or parent’s current contact information on file. EMAILS THAT DO NOT BOUNCE BACK TO Music Notes Academy AS UN-DELIVERABLE WILL NOT INDICATE TO Music Notes Academy THAT YOU’RE NOT RECEIVING YOUR EMAILS FROM Music Notes Academy.


Upon enrolling we will add the email address or email addresses you provide in your enrollment or Contact Us inquiry. Music Notes Academy IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ADULT STUDENTS, PARENTS OR GUARDIANS NOT RECEIVING OR NOT READING OUR EMAILS. It is the adult student’s or parent’s responsibility to read receipts, invoices, statements and emails. Please ensure, and are not marked as spam, junk or labeled as bulk messages. IF YOU UNSUBSCRIBE FROM OUR MAIL CHIMP EMAILS WE CANNOT ADD YOU BACK TO THE EMAIL LIST. WE DO NOT EMAIL A LOT. WHEN WE DO, IT’S LIKELY IMPORTANT. 

Instrument, Equipment & Property Damages by Students, Parents

If the student or parent intentionally or accidentally damages, destroys, defaces any Music Notes Academy instrument(s), equipment or building property – inside or outside – and is therefore deemed unusable, in need of repair or replacement by a Music Notes Academy, LLC managing member the adult student or parent is responsible to pay any reasonable fee(s) to Music Notes Academy, LLC to fix, repair or replace said instrument or equipment.

Picking-Up Your Student

If your private lesson, class, band or ensemble ends at 9pm during the week or 5pm on Saturdays – a parent or legal guardian is to pick-up the student no later than 15mins past 9pm or 5pm. Starting at 9:15pm or 5:15pm – on MNA’s clock(s) – there is a $75 charge, payable by the student’s parent for extra staffing, teachers and or a director or manager to remain with the student. $75 per 15-minute increments or at the start of the next 15-minutes.

Discontinuation by Music Notes Academy

Music Notes Academy, LLC reserves the right to discontinue any student’s enrollment – for un-readiness, behavioral problems, verbal or written harassment, threatening remarks to teachers, staff or director(s), noncompliance with ANY Academy or Enrollment Policies or procedures, teacher safety concerns, destruction of property inside or outside the Academy or Building, etc… at Music Notes Academy, LLC’s sole discretion. Based upon the severity of the situation, at Music Notes Academy, LLC’s sole discretion, any unused tuition or deposits may or may not be refunded to the adult student or parent and is at the sole discretion of Music Notes Academy, LLC’s managing member. Based on the severity of any circumstance, instance or occurrence Music Notes Academy, LLC may contact local law enforcement.

Release of Liability

As the legal parent, guardian or adult student, I release, indemnify and hold harmless Music Notes Academy, LLC, and its member(s), owner(s), managers, employees, contractors and agents (“MNA Parties”) from and against any and all liability, claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, that may be sustained by the student and or the undersigned, while in or upon the premises or any premises under the control and supervision of any of the MNA Parties en route to or from any said premises. Music Notes Academy, LLC reserves the right to update its Academy Policies with notice here, within this website. I have read, understand and agree to Music Notes Academy, LLC’s Agreement and Policies, as well as this Student Registration. I understand, that I may reference this page within this website to review the agreement and policies. MNA reserves the right to update Academy Policies and post updates to

By enrolling or registering at Music Notes Academy, LLC, I acknowledge that I fully understand the risks associated with in-person attendance, with regards to Covid-19 and related; including the risks that Covid-19 may lead to severe illness or death. I understand and acknowledge that risks may occur, whether resulting from travel through populated areas, the failure of others to follow appropriate Covid-19 protocols, such as maintaining proper social distancing and proper hygiene practices, and other such risks. While I understand Music Notes Academy, LLC has taken reasonable steps and methods to address and minimize the risks associated with Covid-19, I understand that Covid-19 protocols being utilized within Music Notes Academy, LLC locations may be insufficient towards me, to prevent me from contracting Covid-19 and suffering illness, related injuries; and that I nevertheless assume all risks by enrolling, registering and attending any Music Notes Academy, LLC location.

The Enrollment Agreement and Academy policies coincide with all Student Registrations – for online learning or in-person learning at an Academy location. Music Notes Academy, LLC reserves the right to update these Enrollment Agreement Academy Policies. Updates are posted to this page.

Thank you for choosing Music Notes Academy. Your music education is very important to us.

Latest Updates: 9/1/20, 12/31/20, 8/10/21, 1/3/22, 3/6/22 for 3/7/22’s EO reversal and masks optional… 

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