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Student Concerts

Winter Concerts

Student Concerts in December are our Winter Concerts, our informal student performances. Winter Concerts began in ’09. Students and parents can look forward to the Holidays with a Music Notes Academy performance, with students performing favorite Holiday songs.

Spring Recitals

Student Concerts in June are our Spring Recitals, our formal end-of-the-school-year performances. Spring Recitals began in ’07. Students can showcase their yearlong efforts. Certificates and awards, concert programs and special acknowledgements for students performing in festivals, exams and auditions.

Spring Recitals ’22 Program Book

Winter Concerts & Spring Recitals Registration Form

Our Student Concerts – Winter Concerts and Spring Recitals – include student solos, duets, teacher performances and our performance ensembles. We began offering student concerts in ’07. Past Winter Concerts and Spring Recitals included teacher performances, duets and trios, percussion ensembles, string quartets, chamber groups and rock bands.

Once upon a time we had multiple Spring Recitals. In ’09 we added Winter Concerts for students that were unable to perform in our Spring Recitals. We awarded students with Performance, Academy and Musicianship Awards. We had Chairperson Awards, which were special performance awards to an outstanding student. We believe it’s important for students to work diligently towards a performance of excellence, regardless of age or ability level. However, we do not require student performances, as some students are not ready to perform. We do recommend students attend performances, to watch, listen and support their peers.

-Brandon / Founder

About Music Notes

Est. 2000

Music Notes Academy is a 2012 award-winning NJSBDC community music school. Music lessons and instruction – available for young children, adolescents and adults – are tailored towards each student within our music curriculum.

Music Notes’ curricular approach to teaching includes music reading and theory, musicianship skills, performance techniques, repertoire and songs. Students receive comprehensive music instruction from degreed and experienced music teachers. We offer structure and flexibility for our students which offers a great balance in music education.

Music Notes Academy is committed to the musical growth and development of each student. With the encouragement and support from teachers and parents, students can expand and improve their musical appreciation, comprehension of musical knowledge and performance skills while being challenged to reach their fullest potential.

Online students can perform in our Student Concerts. We also encourage non-Music Notes Academy concerts, such as MAMTG’s Student Music Festival.

Learn Today, Play Tomorrow®

Drum Students

Our drum students usually perform classical snare drum repertoire and a song on drum set. We like to see our drummers perform with play-along tracks and accompaniments.

Piano Students

Piano students usually perform as soloists. Often times, our pianists perform multiple songs and sometimes with their teacher as a duet.

Guitar Students

Similar to our piano students, guitarists may perform with their teacher or as a soloists. Sometimes, our students perform on classical, acoustic and electric guitar. Switching guitars for each song.

Woodwinds, Brass, Strings & Voice

Solos. Duets. Most of our voice students sing with an accompaniment or with their teacher on piano.

Music Notes through the years

Music Notes students have performed in concerts, recitals, assessments and exams. Students have won 1st Place at Festivals. Students have continued their musical journey collegiately, attending colleges and universities with scholarships.

Not sure if Brielle shared the news but she auditioned on xylophone and already got the email from her teacher, she made wind ensemble honors! Thank you so much for preparing her. This meant a lot to Brielle and I haven’t seen her so happy in a long time. Next up is drumline for marching band.

-Sandra, East Brunswick, NJ

Drummer, Performing at Recitals
Drummer, Performing at Recitals

I wanted to share with you – Rebecca may have shared with Mr. Sean. Rebecca told me the second week of the Broadway camp they were learning music and the instructor asked a question about the key signature. Rebecca answered to their surprise and came home absolutely elated that all that music theory Mr. Sean makes her do (that she complains about) enabled her to answer!!! That is part of my deep appreciation for the quality of your school!!

Best music school ever! You will not be disappointed. My son has been here for 5+ years and loves it, owner and teachers are the best. 100% recommended. ?

I just wanted to say thanks again for setting up the (online) lesson. Sean was very helpful this evening and taught some interesting beginning techniques. I enjoyed working with him and look forward to next week’s lesson!

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