Little Notes Early Childhood Music Classes - Music Notes Academy

Musical Exploration

Children will be free to respond to music through age appropriate, research based classes led by our Early Childhood specialist teacher. Our littleNotes music classes are for ages two through five.

Listening Skills

Classes will feature music in a variety of tonalities and meters in order to expand the children’s listening vocabularies.

Learning Through Play

Children will directly experience musical concepts in fun and developmentally appropriate ways. Classes will feature singing, moving, chanting and playing instruments.

Group Experience

Children will learn to respond to music in a variety of ways through watching others, sharing ideas and using music to connect with others.

“Music Notes Academy has a tradition of musical excellence and learning based instruction that creates musicians who understand the concepts as well as the performance of music.”
Jewel, Voice Instructor
“What a great experience our 3 year old has had in the Little Notes program!! Great teachers and a well run school!”
Valerie M., Garfield, NJ
“What a great school. We love Mr. Steve! He teaches at our school and the children just love him!”
Judy S., Whitehouse, NJ

Parent/Child Classes Ages 2-4 With Parent/Caregiver

Music Repertoire
Parents will learn developmentally appropriate songs, chants and activities to introduce children to the world of music.

Connect With Your Child Through Music
Parents will be invited to sing, move and respond to music along with children. Through experiencing music as a classroom community, children will strengthen their bonds with their parents, as well as the others in the class.

All Ability Levels Welcome
Children learn to love music when their parents are enthusiastic about music. Even if you have no musical training, you will learn ways to encourage your child’s musical growth.

Transitional Classes Ages 3.5-5 Parent/Child Classes Prerequisite

Build Solid Foundations For Musical Study
Children will be able to practice the basic musical skills that will be needed as they grow older and become ready for formal voice or instrumental instruction.

Vocal Development
Children will practice singing short fragments of songs to practice listening to and imitating changes in pitch. As children gain confidence, they will gradually move to singing longer melodic phrases.

Rhythm Development, Improvisation
Children will practice keeping a steady beat and will practice listening to and imitating rhythm patterns. As the children expand their listening abilities, they will practice imitating progressively more difficult rhythm patterns. Children will be invited to add their own lyrics into existing songs and be encouraged to improvise their own simple songs.

Interested in a trial class?

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