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DJ Classes for Kids

DJ Classes for Kids. Explore the different sub genres of EDM. Find melodic inspiration, learn about chord progressions and create grooves. Learn how to use drum machines, sequencers and produce a song with DAW software.

Compose and produce your music. Learn about song structure. Compose a track of music into a full arrangement with a Music Notes teacher in East Brunswick, NJ.

  • What is EDM?
    • EDM, or electronic dance music, became popular in the 1980s.
  • What is DAW?
    • DAW, or digital audio workstation, is software that is used for recording music, editing music and producing music with a computer.
  • DJ Class is for Kids. Students of all ages. Beginner students welcome. Equipment provided at our East Brunswick, NJ Academy.
    • Summer Nights at Music Notes 2018 Included
      • Introduction to EDM and Apple’s GarageBand
      • Creating tracks
      • Introduction to mixers and mixing
        • Students explored mixing console and its capabilities
      • Completed an original track or song
      • Remixed a song of choice
      • Learned about beat matching and additional mixing techniques
  • Create music, learn about drum tracks, loops & subgenres of EDM music
  • Electronic synth sounds, editing, mixing and arranging tracks and music
  • Learn how to produce your own DJ set and music

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