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Song Writing Lessons, Teacher, Instructor NJ - Music Notes Academy

Learn Song Writing with an expert music instructor. Put your words to music. Combine elements of music composition with poetry in your songwriting. Discover how to set words of your very own to different rhythms and add melody or harmony to your verse.

Looking at music is reading it. Playing music is speaking it. Composing music is writing it. The best way to learn music is to immerse oneself in the composition process. Creating music is an exciting endeavor. Students who learn how to play music should learn how to write music too.

We have one-to-one private lessons and classes in Song Writing and Composition.

Song Writing & Composition

Course Outline

Students will start with three basic elements | Piano Basics, Theory 101 and Song Form.

  • Piano Basics
    • Learning treble and bass clef
    • Learning notes, note ranges of the keyboard
      • Establishing middle C (C4)
      • Playing basic piano in C position
      • Simple Time Signatures
  • Theory
    • Music notation basics
      • treble clef, bass clef, notes and other music symbols
      • Notes and rests values
      • Melody & Harmony
        • Melodic and Harmonic intervals
        • Basic chord building, I, IV & V
        • Combing melody and harmony for simple chord progressions
        • Two-Part writing
  • Song Form
    • ABA Form
    • Popular, Jazz & Blues song forms

Our song writing & composition 101 course is offered as a group class or private instruction and specific content and objectives will be tailored towards each student’s musical background and performance instrument.

End of Semester Expectations | Students should be able to write a playable 12-16 measure, two part, ABA or plain song form in C Major, using basic music notation for piano.

Contact us to learn about our Course Syllabus for Song Writing 2, 3 & 4.

Ready to learn Song Writing & Composition?

To get started, you can register online or call us at (732) 238-2828. Start writing your songs and compositions.
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