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The saxophone combines the metallic body of a brass instrument and the reeds and keys of a woodwind. With luscious tones, the saxophone is used in classical, rock and jazz music.

Saxophone Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Students

Whether you play alto saxophone or soprano saxophone, working with our expert saxophone teacher will help you refine your skills, improve your technique and advance to the next level. You can learn saxophone at our East Brunswick Academy. We have saxophone music teachers who are degreed and dedicated to teaching music.

  • Rhythmic Breathing
  • Breath & Tone Control
  • Embouchure & Finger Technique
  • Scale Building & Tonalization
  • Classical Saxophone Etudes & Songs
  • Interactive Duets
  • Music Theory & Basic Notation
  • Beginning Jazz & Pop Techniques
  • Styles & Improvisation

Saxophone Repair. Get your saxophone serviced by Music Notes.

We’ve been offering saxophone repairs and service since 2009. We partner with certified technicians that will repair your saxophone. The process is simple. Drop off your saxophone to us in East Brunswick. Repairs are usually completed within a week’s time. Get more with Music Notes. Get your saxophone repaired with Music Notes.

Interested in Learning Saxophone?

To get started you can register online or call (732) 238-2828. We look forward to talking saxophone with you soon.