Oboe & Bassoon Lessons


The oboe has a bright edge to the sound, while the bassoon has a more mellow, nasally sound. Both instruments have evolved from the Baroque era, and have gone through many changes to become the instruments we recognize today. The instruments are most often found in the orchestra, wind quintets and other classical chamber music ensembles.

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The oboe and bassoon are part of the woodwind family. They use two reeds, often handmade by the musician. We recommend music students start learning piano or a single reed instrument before playing a double reed instrument.

Due to the double reed, size and complexity of the fingering system, these instruments prove to be challenging to the beginning music student.

We notice much higher success rates in students who start learning on another instrument before switching to a double reed instrument.

Oboe & Bassoon Lessons


Please understand the financial commitment of studying a double reed instrument. The initial upfront cost of the oboe and bassoon to rent or purchase is more than other instruments as the materials and key-work are extremely intricate.

The cost of the reeds themselves are much more compared to a single reed. Reeds are purchased individually and quality reeds are hand-made and expensive. Reeds will need to be replaced often. The routine maintenance can also be more expensive as the instrument will need to see a specialist repair technician on a regular basis. Success on these instruments is dependent on a quality instrument and reed set up.