Flute Lessons

The flute is part of the woodwinds family of instruments. It has en ethereal, brilliant and shimmery sound. As one of the earliest instruments, flutes made of bone and wood are seen throughout history in cave drawings, greek mythology and many cultures around the world.

The modern flute is made of metal with a key system developed by Theobald Boehm. Student flutes are made from nickel, while professional models can be made from silver, gold or platinum.

Play Music

Learning music with our degreed music teachers, our flute teachers help students develop skills. Beginners through advanced players, students can improve technique and advance to the next level.

Flute Lessons

Music Notes Academy woodwinds students will learn:

  • Music notation & theory
  • Rhythmic accuracy
  • Breath control
  • Articulation
  • Scale building & totalization
  • Classical etudes & repertoire
  • Jazz & popular styles, techniques
  • Jazz transcription & improvisation