Audio Production, Music Production, Teacher, Instructor NJ - Music Notes AcademyOur Founder and Director was an adjunct professor of audio and music production. He taught college classes to undergraduate students in Apple’s GarageBand, Propellerhead’s Reason, Apple’s Logic Studio and Avid’s Pro Tools.

Students at Music Notes Academy primarily learn GarageBand and Reason. We incorporate audio production private lessons with instrument recording and composition or song writing at our East Brunswick Academy.

Learning audio and music production is a process similar to learning a musical instrument. There is no quick fix. Learning audio production is a process and students that understand music performance and music theory are better music producers.

We have Apple computers, audio interfaces, pro audio equipment, amplifiers, various microphones, PA systems and mixing consoles where students can learn audio engineering and music production with professional equipment.

DJ Classes for Kids

DJ Classes & Lessons for Kids

DJ Classes for Kids. Explore the different sub genres of EDM. Find melodic inspiration, learn about chord progressions and create grooves. Learn how to use drum machines, sequencers and produce a song with DAW software.

Student Rock Bands

Student Rock Bands

Join one of our Rock Bands. For students of all ages and ability levels. Select advanced Rock Bands incorporate audio and music production.

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