In-Home Music Lessons

Learn Today, Play Tomorrow®
Our In-Home Music Lessons ended officially with our 2015-2016 School Year. As of April 2017, we’ve been receiving several requests for in-home lessons in the Middlesex County area. Talk with us to learn more. We may be able to teach music in your home.

Why did we close our In-Home Lessons officially in June 2016?

  • Well, it came down to a lot of factors. One gradual change was the difficulty in simply driving around New Jersey, during rush hour on weekdays, in Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon and Morris counties. It wasn’t easy to arrive to scheduled in-home music lessons on time and that was something we were committed to.
  • There was a time we call it the glory days here when most parents were overwhelmingly supportive of us driving to their home to teach their son or daughter music each week. This gradually changed too. Many parents became unreasonable, with too many expectations, such as requesting changes to their scheduled lessons, with little to no notice, to suit their needs on a given week or day even. We would do all that we could to accommodate our students and parents. But good deeds seemed to never go unpunished.
  • The cost of doing business. Parents don’t like tuition increases, yet expenses to provide such a great service continued to increase. Let’s remember we are in NJ. Our teachers are paid for scheduled lessons, when an adult student or parent cancels, isn’t home or decides to not have their scheduled lesson upon our arrival. And this is the way it should be. However, parents didn’t like paying for those canceled lessons. Because we are traveling all over the place, it was impossible to give out those beloved make-up lessons. We just can’t be in two places at once.
  • Relationships. Our Director likes to know and meet with our parents. With in-home music lessons there were some parents we only communicated with via email, as phone calls were never answered and meetings never seemed to be possible, even if our Director was willing to make the drive to meet together.

We are still here for you. In East Brunswick & Whitehouse Station.

Visit us in East Brunswick or Whitehouse Station to learn music with us. If In-Home Music Lessons are what you need and you need Music Notes. Let us know.