Piano Rentals

Piano Rentals for Middlesex County, New Jersey. Located in East Brunswick, NJ we are the heart of Middlesex County.

Great opportunities for students, parents, music teachers and music schools.

Piano Rentals

Music Notes Academy and PianoPiano in NYC partner together to offer easy piano rentals at exceptional prices. Adult students and parents can learn piano with a piano.

  • 11/25/19-12/21/19 — All in-stock black pianos – 1 Month Free on any rental of 6 months or more. 2 Months Free on any rental of 12 months or more! See Brandon @ Music Notes Academy to redeem this special offer. Now through 12/21/19 @ 5pm.

  • To get started, simply pay for delivery, pick-up and your first tuning. $0 Sales Tax. You can spread this payment over a 3 month period. Use code MusicNotes1 at checkout.

  • After your 12 month rental period is over, you can keep renting for as long as you want – your rental price will never increase. You can also use your first 12 months of rental payments towards the purchase of the piano you’re renting, or any other piano we have of equal or greater value.

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3 Piano Rental Recommendations

Here are some examples at Music Notes Academy East Brunswick to see in person.

Hardman 45″ Classic Studio

Young Chang Y114

Young Chang 5′ Baby Grand Piano

Young Chang Baby Grand Piano

Young Chang 45″ Studio Upright Piano

Hardman Upright Piano

Rent a Piano. Play a Piano.

Having a piano is important. PianoPiano makes renting a piano easy and affordable. Great for students, parents, teachers and music schools.

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