DJ Classes & Lessons for Kids

for All Ages

New for Summer ’18 & School Year ’18-’19

DJ Classes for Kids. Explore the different sub genres of EDM. Find melodic inspiration, learn about chord progressions and create grooves. Learn how to use drum machines, sequencers and produce a song with DAW software.

Compose and produce your music. Learn about song structure. Compose a track of music into a full arrangement with a Music Notes teacher in East Brunswick, NJ.

  • What is EDM?
    • EDM, or electronic dance music, became popular in the 1980s.
  • What is DAW?
    • DAW, or digital audio workstation, is software that is used for recording music, editing music and producing music with a computer.
  • DJ Class is for Kids. Students of all ages. Beginner students welcome. Equipment provided at our East Brunswick, NJ Academy.
  • Create music, learn about drum tracks, loops & subgenres of EDM music
  • Electronic synth sounds, editing, mixing and arranging tracks and music
  • Learn how to produce your own DJ set and music

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