We offer Instructional Programs to meet the needs of our student musicians. In 2000, we began with In-Home Private Music Lessons or Program 1 Quarter Notes.

Here are the Instructional Programs we offer today…

  • Early Childhood Music Lessons Private Lessons
  • Program 1 Quarter Notes In-Home Music Lessons
  • Program 2 Half Notes In-Home Music Lessons
  • Program 3 Whole Notes In-Home Music Lessons
  • Program 4 East Brunswick
    • One-To-One Instruction @ East Brunswick Academy
  • Program 4 Whitehouse Station
    • One-To-One Instruction @ Whitehouse Station Academy
  • Performance PLUS Certificate Program
    • One-To-One Instruction @ East Brunswick Academy
    • One-To-One Instruction @ Whitehouse Station Academy
  • Rock Band Certificate Program
    • One-To-One Instruction PLUS Rock Band Classes/Rehearsals
  • Rock Band Enhancement Program
    • We coach existing Rock Bands at our East Brunswick Academy or your rehearsal studio
  • LittleNotes
    • Early Childhood Group Classes Ages 1-5
  • TiedNotes
    • Student Duets Program – String Quartets, Musical Theater Workshops & Open Ensembles
  • fineTUNE
    • Schedule 2 private music lessons
  • Trial Music Lessons
    • Schedule 1 private music lesson
  • Group Classes
  • accelerando
    • School Band & Orchestra enhancement. We’ll help your school band program students.
  • Music Notes In Your School & LittleNotes In Your School
    • Our music programs brought to your private school
  • College Prep Program
    • We help music students and parents prepare for music school

Interested in our Instructional Programs?

To get started you can register online or call (732) 238-2828. Learn Today, Play Tomorrow®.