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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ or frequently asked questions. Learn about Music Notes Academy by asking us questions.

Online Learning

Learn music online with your smartphone, tablet or computer. From the comfort of your home, learn music with a Music Notes Academy degreed music teacher. Upon enrolling, we’ll connect you to our online music lessons platform.

In-Person Learning

Learn music in-person at our Academy with a degreed music teacher. In-Studio music lessons are in classrooms that include upright and baby grand pianos, acoustic drum sets, hand-hammered cymbals, professional-grade guitar amplifiers and pro-audio equipment. We even have an upright string bass.

Ask Questions

Adult students and parents should ask questions. We want our parents to be informed, committed to their child’s music education and know what it takes to succeed in playing a musical instrument. Learning music is unlike other school or extracurricular activities. Learning music takes tremendous time, effort and hard work. Here are some FAQs or frequently asked questions.

FAQ: When can my child start music?

A child can start one-to-one private music lessons when he or she can comfortably focus in a class with a teacher for 30-minutes in length. For young children this can often be difficult. We can certainly start with a Trial Lesson or schedule lessons in our FineTune music program. On average, five years old is a great age to start piano lessons. We have successfully taught students as young as three years old.

  • What is fineTune? fineTune is our private music lesson commitment of two scheduled lessons. Adult students and parents can schedule and pay tuition for two classes at a time. The commitment is two classes, versus a semester or school year commitment. Scheduling options can be limited, based upon the time of year. As an example, Summertime usually has more options for fineTune.

FAQ: Does the student need an instrument?

Yes. Music students need an instrument to practice with at home. Practicing is required between scheduled music lessons and classes. We can help with instruments. We sell, rent and repair musical instruments for adult students and parents regularly.

FAQ: Do parents need to make a commitment?

Yes, absolutely. Parents have to make a commitment to their child’s music education. Just like with daytime school, there is homework or practicing required, learning objectives and goals for the student. We want our students to learn music, play music and enjoy music. A real music education requires a commitment from parents to help us, which helps students succeed.

We’ve always recommended students and parents make a commitment. Making a school year commitment is wise. It shows the student what it really means to pursue the musical arts. If a student ends up loving music, then wonderful. If not, this is okay. At least you’ll know – and the student knows – what a music education entails and what a comprehensive music education consists of.

What are the enrollment options?

We’ve always offered several enrollment options for adult students and parents.

  • Trial Lesson = 1 Lesson commitment
  • FineTune = 2 Lesson commitment
  • Semester = Between 12 to 16 weeks of a commitment (September to December, January to March, April to June)
  • School Year = September to June (or whenever starting in a school year, then until June)
  • Summer = July and August (or a customized schedule created by the adult student or parent)

How does Online Music Learning work?

We began Music Notes’ Online on 3/23/20 because of Covid-19. We partnered with Google’s Educational Suite for its optimal flexibility and consistent stability. Many daytime schools also utilize the same education platform. It’s easy to setup. It’s easy to monitor. Learning music online can be accomplished – with us – with any web browser, any device and any email address. We will contact – or call – the student or parent at the start time of class.

My child is currently at another music school. Can we join Music Notes?

Yes, we regularly teach students from other music schools and private teachers. Your son or daughter would be considered a transfer student to us. This is a smooth process. We assess, evaluate and take a few classes (sometimes more) to easily transition the student into our curricular approach, introduce new learning materials and set goals and objectives for the short-term and long-term. Parents are welcome to observe the classes and lessons. We encourage and sometimes require students and parents to meet together first, before enrolling. We want to ensure our transfer students and parents understand the Music Notes difference.

Do I need to purchase books or an instrument?

Yes. Books and learning materials are required and we stock everything you’ll need. Parents and adult students can expect to spend between $60 and $85 per school year on music books, sheet music and instrument accessories.

backStage Pass

Since ’09, backStage Pass is our referral incentive savings. Refer a prospective student to Music Notes Academy. If the prospective student enrolls, the enrolled adult student or parent saves 10% towards upcoming tuition. The newly enrolled student receives a free music book.

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About Music Notes

Est. 2000

Music Notes Academy is a 2012 award-winning NJSBDC community music school. Music lessons and instruction – available for young children, adolescents and adults – are tailored towards each student within our music curriculum.

Music Notes’ curricular approach to teaching includes music reading and theory, musicianship skills, performance techniques, repertoire and songs. Students receive comprehensive music instruction from degreed and experienced music teachers. We offer structure and flexibility for our students which offers a great balance in music education.

We encourage student performances, recitals and events like MAMTG’s Student Music Festival.

Music Notes Academy is committed to the musical growth and development of each student. With the encouragement and support from teachers and parents, students can expand and improve their musical appreciation, comprehension of musical knowledge and performance skills while being challenged to reach their fullest potential.


Do students have to read music?

Yes. We teach students how to read sheet music. We may incorporate tablature for guitar students, when applicable.

What about drum students?

What about drum students? Yes, our drum students learn how to read music. We also teach rudiments, classical snare drum, drum set and technique. We enjoy utilizing play-along tracks and introducing students to different styles of drumming.

Do I need a piano for piano lessons?

A piano would be great! We have upright and baby grand pianos at the Academy. Touch-sensitive keyboards are good to start with. A toy keyboard or tablet is not sufficient to learn piano with. For home practicing students need an instrument of their own.

Can I rent an instrument?

Sure. Adult students and parents can rent with Music Notes. We have short-term, long-term, rent-to-own and rent forever options.

Do you require practicing?

Yes. Students need to practice their instrument in order to understand, appreciate and perform a musical instrument.

Can I have a free trial class?

No. Our Trial Lessons or Trial Classes are not free. We treat trial classes as the student’s first music class with Music Notes Academy.

Do you require student performances?

No. We like to see our students perform. However, we do not require student performances.

Music Notes through the years

Music Notes students have performed in concerts, recitals, assessments and exams. Students have won 1st Place at Festivals. Students have continued their musical journey collegiately, attending colleges and universities with scholarships.

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