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Music Notes in your School

Music Notes In Your School

Music Notes In Your School Award-Winning Music Notes Academy offers Music Notes In Your School. Since '09 we've been teaching music for private schools in New Jersey. During the '09-'10 school year, we had the unique opportunity to teach music…

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Winter Semester ’22

Winter Semester '22 starts Monday, January 3, 2022. If you're familiar with Music Notes, you may know that our semesters are really quarters. Winter for us is January through March each school year. Spring is April through June, the third…

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Easy Sign-Up

Easy Sign-Up

Easy Sign-Up 5 Easy Steps to Sign-Up This has been Music Notes' process since the beginning. Music Notes Academy is open enrollment, however we like to ensure students and parents are a great match. We want parents to understand what…

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Benefits of Music Lessons

Benefits of Private Music Lessons

The benefits of private music lessons by degreed teachers. While parents manage online and in-person daytime school for their kids, there can be a silver lining when it comes to proper music instruction. We've posted about the benefits of private…

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Invest in a musical instrument

Invest In An Instrument

By Stephen Agnew Most parents would not send their child to baseball games without a baseball glove. Most parents would not wait to invest in a bathing suit until they are sure their child will enjoy swimming lessons. Most parents…

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open for online lessons

Online Music Lessons

Monday, March 23, 2020 Music Notes Academy re-opened with online music lessons. Due to Covid-19 and NJ's Executive Orders, we had to quickly adapt. We have been teaching online music lessons through Google’s Educational G-Suite Classroom. We selected this platform…

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School Music Teacher

Benefits of a Music School Teacher

The benefits of a music school teacher It's simple, accountability. Music schools and music school teachers that care about its students and the profession of teaching music is the beginning of being accountable. With Covid-19, accountability has either improved or…

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Summer Music Lessons

The Music Notes Difference

What is the Music Notes difference? A parent signing up for school year '20-'21 pointed something out to me, that should be obvious to me at this point. A parent of one of our guitar students, said on the phone…

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MAMTG ’20 Performing Students

Normally we highlight our winning students that perform in MAMTG's Student Music Festival. This year, we are highlighting all participating and performing students. Instead of a live performance, students made a video recording of their performance at home. Congratulations students,…

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