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Music School Consulting is a passion for our Director, Brandon Kurzawa. He has been consulting music teachers and music schools for several years. We can help improve the standards of music education and private music instruction for students, parents and teachers in New Jersey and beyond.

Music Notes Academy, a 2012 award-winning SBDC New Jersey music school, sets the standard in many ways for music instruction. Your music school, studio or private teaching practice may benefit from some perspective from an industry-leading music school.

Talk with us to learn more on how we may be able to help you – a private lesson music teacher or small business owner who is starting a music school – to organize, manage and maintain your music school.

We Offer Music Consulting For

Private music teachers seeking to establish their own roster of students or veteran teachers that may need some fresh insight.
Existing music schools or start-up music schools may want to ask questions, get some feedback on student and parent policies, staff procedures and how to accomplish everything from websites, social media, POS systems, bookkeeping, scheduling, HR and more.
Music stores may want to add music lessons to their retail establishment. Knowing how to do this properly, so it appears professional, can be a challenge. At least so we’ve heard.
Musicians, who are primarily focused on performing, may want (or need) to start teaching music. We can help musicians too.

Areas Where We Can Help

  • Music Curriculum Design
  • Instructional Methods & Curriculum
  • Program Development
  • Teaching Strategies & Pedagogy
  • Website Design, Development, Hosting, etc…
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Bookkeeping
  • POS
  • Start-Up Procedures
  • Closing Your School Procedures
  • Human Resources
  • Employees Versus Independent Contractors
  • Operating Procedures
  • Commercial Leases
  • Student Performance Production/Planning
  • Student Assessments & Evaluations
  • Inventory & Musical Instruments Sales, Rentals & Repairs
    • Wholesale & Distributors
  • Payroll & Human Resources
    • We have partners to assist with your payroll
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Buying a music school in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut
  • Selling your music school in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut

Images of Music Notes Academy

Music Theory Lessons, Teacher, Instructor NJ - Music Notes Academy

Drum Lessons, Classes, Teacher, Instructor - Music Notes Academy East Brunswick NJ

Piano Teacher, Instructor - Music Notes Academy East Brunswick NJ

Play Guitar - Lessons, Classes, Teacher, Instructor for Kids - Music Notes Academy East Brunswick NJ

Need Consulting?

Give us a call at (732) 238-2828. We’d love to hear about your goals. We can at least meet for coffee in East Brunswick.