Parents should ask questions. We want our parents to be informed, committed to their child’s music education and know what it takes to succeed in playing a musical instrument. Learning music is not like other school or extra-curricular activities. Learning music takes tremendous time, effort and hard work.

8/15/20 – We updated the FAQ below. We’ve been answering a lot of questions these past few weeks and are humbled and grateful for the interest and enthusiasm.

A child can start one-to-one private music lessons when he or she can comfortably focus in a music class with a teacher for 30-minutes in length. For young children, this can often be difficult. We can certainly start with a Trial Lesson. On average, 5 years old is a great age to start piano lessons. We have successfully taught students as young as three years old.

Absolutely. Music students need an instrument to practice with at home, in between scheduled music lessons and classes. We can help with this. We sell, rent and repair musical instruments for adult students and parents all the time.

We began Music Notes’ Online 3/23/20, because of Covid-19. We settled on Google’s Educational Suite for its optimal flexibility and consistent stability. Many daytime schools also utilize the same platform. It’s easy to setup. It’s easy to monitor. Learning music online can be accomplished – with us – with any web browser, any device and any email address. We will contact – or call – the student or parent at the start time of class.

Expect to spend around $189 per month for 30-minute one-to-one private music lessons. $239 for 45-minutes. It’s quite affordable to learn music with us. We are an award-winning staff with degreed music teachers.

Absolutely! Parents have to commit to their child’s music education. Just like with daytime school, there is homework or practicing required, learning objectives and goals for the school year. It’s the same with music, at least with us. We want our students to learn music, play music and love music. A real music education requires a commitment from parents to help us, which helps your child succeed musically.

We can design and teach a music curriculum that suits the need of the students. Students can learn together and have one-to-one private instruction within the same household. We can coordinate with multiple households too. Our Director, has a masters degree in education, that specialized in curriculum and instruction, centered around computer education.

We’ve always had several enrollment options for students and parents. Here they are:

  • By Semester
    • Pay Tuition In Full. Most Semesters are between 12-15 weeks, depending on the day of the week class is scheduled for and Holidays.
  • By School Year
    • Pay Tuition In Full
    • Pay Tuition By The Month
  • Bi-Weekly
    • We call this fineTUNE
      • Pay for 2 private lessons. That’s the commitment.
  • Trial Lesson
    • Pay for one private lesson.
  • Certificate Program
    • For the serious music students. Pay by the month during the school year.

We’ve also always recommended students and parents make a commitment. Making a school year commitment is wise. It shows the student what it really means to pursue the musical arts. If a student ends up loving music, then wonderful. If not, this is okay. At least you’ll know (and the student knows) what a music education entails and what a comprehensive music education consists of.

Not really a question, but worth mentioning. Since 2009, we’ve had our Referral Incentive Program. It’s simple.

  • A currently-enrolled parent refers someone new to Music Notes.
  • New adult student or parent signs-up and mentions the name of the parent who referred them. 
  • Newly signed-up student gets a free music book. 
  • Currently enrolled adult student or parent gets 10% off their month’s tuition or next semester payment. 
Want to see answers to more frequently asked questions? Contact us and ask us your question. Your question and our answer may just end up here on our website.

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