Parents frequently ask questions, a lot of questions. We want our parents to be informed, committed to their child’s music education and know what it takes to succeed in playing a musical instrument. Learning music is not like other after-school activities. This takes tremendous time, effort, skill and hard work.

A child can start one-to-one music lessons when he or she can comfortably focus in a music lesson with a teacher, for 30-minutes in length. For young children, this can often be difficult. We can certainly start with a Trial Lesson. On average, 5 years old is a great age to start piano lessons.

Absolutely. Music students need an instrument to practice with at home, in between our scheduled music lessons. We can help with this, we sell and special order instruments for adult students and parents all the time.

On average, expect to spend around $189 per month for 30-minute one-to-one music lessons. It’s really affordable to learn music with us. We are an award-winning staff and are proud of this.

Absolutely. Parents have to commit to their child’s music education. Just like with daytime school, there is homework or practicing required, learning objectives and goals for the school year. It’s the same with music, at least with us, and we want our students to learn music, play music and love music. A real music education requires a commitment from parents to help us, which helps your child succeed musically.

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