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MAMTG ’20 Performing Students

Normally we highlight our winning students that perform in MAMTG’s Student Music Festival. This year, we are highlighting all participating and performing students. Instead of a live performance, students made a video recording of their performance at home. Congratulations students, teachers and parents for staying the course and keeping the music alive during virtual and online learning.

Winning Students in Competitions

Madison Barnes ?? Strings Open Solo Junior ? 3rd Place

Keshav Ramesh ?? Strings Open Solo Senior ? 1st Place

Saketh Mandayam ?? Strings Open Solo Senior ? 3rd Place

Rani Ney ?? Strings Standard Solo Level two ? 2nd Place

Rebecca Cornavaca ?? Strings Standard Solo Level 4 ? 3rd Place

Keshav Ramesh ?? Strings Standard Solo Level 6 ? 2nd Place

Ahan Kaushik ?? Piano Open Classical Solo Junior (A) ? 2nd Place

Alisha Joshi ?? Piano Standard Classical Prep ? 3rd Place

Dhruv Rao ?? Piano Standard Classical Level 3A ? 5th Place

Performing Students in Competitions and Evaluations

Karthik Thallam ★ Guitar Open Pop/Rock Junior & Senior

Praapti Tripathy ★ Guitar Evaluation

Sahana Mandayam ★ Guitar Evaluation

Kevin Kushner ★ Guitar Evaluation

Shikha Shrestha ★ Guitar Evaluation

Aiden Ney ★ Guitar Evaluation

Arnav Bhatt ★ Guitar Evaluation

Rani Ney ★ Strings Open Solo Junior

Rebecca Cornavaca ★ Strings Open Solo Junior

Madison Barnes ★ Strings Standard Solo Level 3

Conor Weiss ★ Strings Evaluation

Rani Ney ★ Strings Evaluation

Madison Barnes ★ Strings Evaluation

Rebecca Cornavaca ★ Strings Evaluation

Keshav Ramesh ★ Strings Evaluation

Saketh Mandayam ★ Strings Evaluation

Caleb Michael ★ Piano Open Classical Solo Elementary (A)

Ian Harkins ★ Piano Open Classical Solo Elementary (A)

Sahana Vardharajan ★ Piano Open Classical Solo Elementary (A)

Dylan Walczak ★ Piano Open Classical Solo Elementary (B)

Rohan Chaudhary ★ Piano Open Classical Solo Intermediate (A)

Dhruv Rao ★ Piano Open Classical Solo Elementary (B)

Yaduveer Singh ★ Piano Open Classical Solo Senior (B)

Ian Harkins ★ Piano Open Pop Solo Elementary

Yaduveer Singh ★ Piano Evaluation

Madelyn Brennan ★ Piano Evaluation

Dylan Walczak ★ Piano Evaluation

Mackenzy Brennan ★ Piano Evaluation

Rohan Chaudhary ★ Piano Evaluation

Dhruv Rao ★ Piano Evaluation

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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