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Learning Online Pros & Cons

Learning Online Pros & Cons

Online music lessons have been going well since March ’20. Due to Covid-19 teachers, students and parents had to adapt quickly to keep the music alive. Teachers are still able to connect with their students and offer a positive musical learning experience through video. Many students have shown great progress, growth and maturity through their online independence.

Here are some pros to online learning

  • Students have to focus a bit more, pay attention on verbal directions and instruction
  • Students accelerate their independence with additional time management and computer skills
  • Teachers have insight to a student’s home practice space
  • Music teachers often have additional resources at their home studio, office or rehearsal space – CDs, extra music books and repertoire, additional musical instruments, recording gear, etc.
  • Students have additional time to practice, warm-up and really be ready for the start time of their class
  • Learning music online adds a continual sense of normalcy during an unprecedented time
  • Private instruction works very well through video
  • Online teaching aids add further classroom elements to the online learning experience

Here are some cons to online learning

  • Background noise and distractions in the house from siblings and pets
    • Solution! Locate a better location in your house for class time. Make mild adjustments within the house for optimal focus during class time.
  • Fixing broken instruments can be a challenge
    • Solution! Visit Music Notes Academy for one of our Curbsides. We can possibly repair onsite. We can send to our technicians and possibly offer a loaner instrument too.
  • Poor internet connections
    • Solution! Keep your devices updated. Be in a place where the wifi signal is strong. Try resetting your modem or router. Simple tests and adjustments make great improvements.
  • See parents less
    • Solution! Visit during the last five minutes of class time. Say a brief hello to us. Email us.
  • Parents expecting a discount now because we’re online
    • Solution! Ask yourself if you want to work for less because you’re at home. Teaching online is difficult and we’re not complaining. Teaching online requires more time preparing, more time organizing content for class time and now additional time updating our Classroom and checking music theory assignments remotely.

We understand online learning can be difficult for students and parents. Some of us have kids too. We get it. It’s important though to keep the music alive. The minimal tuition required for a comprehensive music education goes a long way, when factoring in practice time that’s expected each week. Parents want to keep their kids occupied and engage academically, artistically and physically – well a music education includes all of this. Quite affordably too.

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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