The benefits of a music school teacher is quite simple. Accountability. That’s it, accountability.

Music schools that care about its students, the profession of teaching music and inspiring students to succeed musically and appreciate the musical arts are a great start to offering accountability as a teacher of music.

With Covid-19, accountability has either improved or fallen short. Parents that inquire with Music Notes Academy about enrolling, assume the experience with Music Notes will be subpar, as it was or is currently with their current private teacher.

Parents want guarantees and with learning a musical instrument. Honestly, there are no guarantees with the musical arts. Students have to practice. Students have to be prepared for their class or lesson with their teacher. Students have to work independently, whether they are nine or nineteen years old. Parents have to help, whether they want to or not. Learning music is not dropping your child off at dance class. Learning music is not opening the minivan door and sending them off to jump on a trampoline. Music is an art form. It requires a level of patience, dedication and repetition of practice and effort.

Some of the best benefits a music education provides, are what students struggle more and more with everyday. Parents, should want a music school and music teacher that offers accountability, not just some circus act of a music teacher that plays music and teaches nothing of substance during class time.

Musicians often complain about the industry, work, gigs, performances. Well, this is the time now during Covid-19 to settle in and offer students of music something concrete and substantial. Teach music well. Be thorough. Be thoughtful in the content, delivery and expectations. This is our plea to all the private music teachers out there. Because time and time again, from the phone calls and emails from parents is that their “private teacher isn’t working out” and “our private teacher isn’t reliable and consistent” and “our child isn’t learning anything with the current private teacher”.

It’s easy to say and difficult to see, but everyone would thrive and do better if more people just simply cared. Stay the path. Stay the course. But too many just want instant gratification. Teachers too, they want instant results. What’s the point here, is anyone even reading these posts? Let us know if you are.

We’re here if you really want to learn music. We still care. We’re just so tired of the same emails and phone calls from parents about how much they need something better. They should have selected Music Notes Academy first, not on their fourth or fifth attempt to have their child enjoy music.

Twenty years now of teaching music and it seems like society, expectations, realities and education are all crumbling. We honestly miss 2006 through 2012. Looking back, those were the glory days at Music Notes. Long before social media, the lack of music in people’s everyday lives, CDs and more.

Here’s what a typical music class consists of:

  • Music Reading
  • Music Theory
  • Technique
  • Lesson Content
  • Performance Music
  • Objectives, Goals
  • Practicing Required

Benefits of a Music School Teacher also include:

  • Having several music teachers that all have similar standards, degrees and expectations.
  • Students can study multiple specialty areas within the same music school.
  • Students can learn together in music classes, like ensembles, rock band or theory classes.