Music school versus a private teacher. We have a few prospective parents that have called recently and met with us regarding their son or daughter. They are all miserable at their current music school. They are considering a change, to another music school or private teacher. It’s the poorly managed music schools in NJ that give the great ones a bad reputation. This goes for private music teachers too. Teachers that really do not care about teaching music. They are simply passing the time, while they seek performance work. 

Here’s why we think a music school is a better option. Yes we’re biased, as we are a music school.

Music lessons and instruction should first not be considered a convenience activity or pursuit for babysitting a student with a musical instrument. A dance or karate instructor generally does not even make house calls for instruction or classes. Meaning, your karate teacher is not traveling to your home for karate lessons. Music students need a location or center to attend. Attending a music school like Music Notes Academy provides a professional and academic environment for learning music.

Here are some benefits to attending music lessons in a music school:

Professional Environment 

Professional learning environment with music stands and classroom teaching aides. Students see and meet other students learning music just like them. It allows for a strong community. Parents get to meet one another too. It creates and offers a less isolating environment. Large classrooms that allow for parents to observe and understand what we are doing and aiming to accomplish with each class. 

Quality Pianos and Instruments

Music Notes Academy tunes and maintains their upright and baby grand pianos on a regular basis. We also maintain all the classroom instruments, drum sets and amplifiers so students are learning and playing on the best equipment we can purchase. 

Consistent Class & Lesson Schedules

Students will be less likely to miss or reschedule a class that they are committed to attending. In-Home Lessons can be too relaxed and will often be canceled or rescheduled due to student and household conflicts. Regularly scheduled classes and lessons enables the student and parent to be responsible for commitments, progress and practicing during the week in between. 

Instrument Retail, Rentals, and Repairs

Music schools like Music Notes Academy provide musical instrument sales, rentals and repairs. Students have access to name brand instruments and quality repair technicians. This makes the musical life for students and parents an easier one. Parents do not have to go anywhere else for other needs and requirements. 


Music recitals, concerts and showcases are encouraged and offered for students to gain performance experience. Many private teachers do not have the resources, production skills and interest in producing a great recital experience for their students. Great music schools do. 

Group Classes, Chamber Groups & Bands

Attending a music school provides the opportunity for group classes such as: music theory, chamber ensembles, rock bands, DJ, music production, audition preparation and more. 

Student-Centered Instruction 

Teachers can focus on music education and teaching music, instead of traveling around from one house to another everyday. 

Now in our 20th school year of teaching music, Music Notes Academy began as an in-home music school. We used to travel to the student’s home, this is how we started. Looking back on the last twenty years, the early days of Music Notes was much different than today.

In 2010, we opened our first music school in East Brunswick through acquisition of another music school. In 2016, we moved to our current location on Route 18 and decided to officially close our in-home lessons division.

Attending a music school that focuses on a comprehensive approach to learning, that has employee, degreed and dedicated teachers should be a standard for parents. Having a nice Academy, with ample parking, a waiting area and open-door policy for parents to observe classes and lessons, with large classrooms should be an easy choice.

Music schools that care have accountability. They want to maintain their great reputation. Private teachers generally do not care enough and have very little at stake to care enough. This is of course not true for every private music teacher. We hope you find a great music school for your son, daughter or perhaps yourself.

If you need Music Notes, we’ll be here.