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Music Notes Academy & Songwurm

Music Notes Academy and Songwurm have partnered together to encourage students to LISTEN to different musical artists, genres and styles of music. Listening to music should be a part of a student’s daily practice and music education. Songwurm will release a new set of standards and repertoire for the listening enjoyment of music students and parents. Jazz standards, classical repertoire, classic rock, rhythm and blues and more. Start Your Songwurm Here.

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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School Year Starts Wednesday, 9/7/22. Private Instruction, Student Rock Bands & Chamber Ensembles. JULY & AUGUST WE ARE OPEN Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Schedule Your Visit Today!Register Today
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