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Summer Music Learning Is Important

Summer music learning is important

Summer music learning should

  1. Compliment school year achievements and objectives
  2. Refresh students with new music, goals and opportunities
  3. Offer continuity and preparation for the upcoming school year

Students need a Summer break. Adults too. At Music Notes Academy, we have always condensed our Summer Hours to three days a week – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is important though, that music students have a certain amount of continuity in order to continue playing music at their current level of musicianship.

Students who take an entire Summer off from music learning and playing, then return in September experience weeks if not months of review before moving forward. Having four music lessons in a two month period is far better than taking ten weeks off until the next school year begins.

Summer music learning should be an easy decision, especially if your private music teacher or music school is flexible and offers options and programs to meet the realities of Summertime. We offer many flexible Summer music options.

Teachers in daytime schools recommend or require Summer reading for students. Yes, students baulk at the idea of Summer reading. But this is music. Music is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, while offering tremendous educational benefits simultaneously.


Brandon Kurzawa

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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