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Plainfield Music Store

Plainfield Music Store

Plainfield Music Store at Music Notes Academy

Plainfield Music Store will continue at Music Notes Academy East Brunswick, NJ. We have limited and select inventory from Plainfield Music Store’s closing in October 2018.

Plainfield Music Store was founded in 1951 by Mr. Irving Rydberg. Victoria Griswold – a classically trained pianist whose professional career has taken her to various parts of the US, Brazil and Europe – purchased Plainfield Music Store in 1994. In addition to her performance career, Victoria taught piano for more than thirty years.

Plainfield Music Store provided sheet music and books from both domestic and foreign distributors, having one of the finest in-store collections of sheet music and books in the metropolitan area. Many music teachers, professionals, schools and enthusiasts relied on Plainfield Music Store. In an age of internet commerce and one-click buying, Plainfield Music Store believed there was still room for personal communication, interaction and professionals in the music teaching and performance community.

Music Notes Academy is honored to continue Plainfield Music Store’s legacy. Musicians, teachers, performers, students and parents are all welcome to visit Music Notes Academy East Brunswick or schedule an appointment.

 As a teacher of music, printed method books, sheet music and repertoire are key components to a quality music education. Students benefit with books. Writing, note-taking, referencing and re-reading are all skills that students benefit from. I’m reminded daily of how fortunate our students and teachers are, to have access to a large library of great music books.

-Brandon / Founder

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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