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Transferring Music Schools

Students are transferring from other local music schools more this school year. We accept music students transferring from other music schools and private music teachers all the time. Here’s what parents and adult music students usually want to discuss with us when they are considering transferring music schools or transferring to Music Notes Academy.

  • What Happened With Their Last Music School or Private Music Teacher
    • Little Structure or Student Lost Interest
      • We are structured here. We have a general curricular vision we uphold for students of all ages. We are not a music school where we will ask you “what do you want to learn?” or “what would you like me to teach you?”. Especially if the student is 5 years old. If the student is 35 years old, this is a different approach of course. As professionals, we know what students should learn and what we should be teaching. This is not a deli or sub shop. You are not ordering a number 7 hoagie, everything no onions. On students lacking interest, well students lose interest often and for all kinds of reasons. Learning music is difficult and it takes patience and commitment to do so. Students need to learn these types of skills and should really stop giving up when something is too difficult. With a structured approach and clear objectives, this helps students not to lose interest.
    • Teacher Continues To Cancel Lessons or Teacher Keeps Changing
      • Finding and retaining great music teachers is one of the greatest challenges music school Directors and owners face. Many musicians who are really seeking a performance career will not care as much about teaching music. Not always the case, but often the case. We are not a music school where high school students teach younger students. We are not a music school where non-degreed teachers are teaching students. We are all degreed (most of us have masters degrees), care about teaching music and want to see our students succeed at performing music. We work hard for our students. We expect our students to work hard too. Additionally, our staff attendance records are nearly 100%. Our teachers are very rarely ever absent.
    • Front Office Complications
      • Well, our front office is a nice desk in a nice waiting area. Everything is available for adult students and parents on our website – school year calendar, student absence forms, make-up class scheduling, online registration for concerts and recitals and even a discontinuation form for ending music instruction. We display information at the Academy pretty much everywhere, have automated email reminders for events, Academy closings and upcoming deadlines. Our Director is always in the building and is either teaching music himself or working on MAMTG’s Music Festival or backbeat Music Publishing. Our front office is all of us, including our Director.
    • Make-Up Lessons, School Closings & Calendar
      • We offer group make-up classes. These can be scheduled online on our website using a phone, tablet or desktop computer. It’s a pretty simple process. Our system will email a reminder too. For school closings like snow days, we place a message at the top of our website, our calendar is updated, our social media pages are noted and our system will email everyone. Again, pretty clear and simple. The days of parents calling the Academy or us calling adult students and parents should be over. It’s 2017. Who even answers their phone anymore? Our Calendar outlines everything including our Summer Semester.

We hope this bit of information on what we are doing here is helpful. This school year our Director has listened to many parents on the phone or in person at our East Brunswick Academy comment and complain about their current or former music school. It’s very difficult for prospective parents and adult students to sift through music schools and teachers to find a great match. As with any industry, there are great businesses and professionals and not so great businesses and professionals. We are one of the great ones.

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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