Summer Music. Everyone wants to enjoy Summer. So do we. We would love to conclude the school year with our Spring Recitals, close-up the Academy for the Summer and return after Labor Day. We need a break too. Here’s why we do not do this. Here’s why students and parents should embrace the Summer and take advantage of Summertime music lessons and programs.

  1. Regular School Is Closed 
    1. Many parents tell us during the school year how busy their son or daughter is with school, homework, sports and extra-curricular activities. Well, school’s out for Summer. Summer is a great time to forge ahead and continue with music. Students can add additional instructional time in length and/or frequency and perhaps join a band or ensemble. Students who continue playing music in the Summer retain skills learned during the school year and have a more musical September. Students who are learning and playing music in the Summer typically spend less time reviewing in September and move along musically in the new school year.
  2. Easier Transition To Upcoming School Year
    1. We see this every September. A hardworking or talented music student (who has been with us for years and has come very far musically) takes the Summer off. The Labor Day parade is now over and the student (or parent) realizes that returning to music is no longer favorable. The student may remember the diligence required to keep musical skills in tact and cannot fathom the return as ten weeks have passed without even looking at the instrument. On the other hand, students that were playing music during the Summer transitioned more easily into the new school year. Having played music all Summer seemed to help many students adjust with going back to school and getting back into a regular school routine.
  3. Parents Want Their Kids To Do Something
    1. Parents want their kids out of the house and doing something. Maybe not all parents, but most. Music is perfect for this. Why? Because not only are you driving them to and from the Academy, they have to practice their instrument in between their private lessons. Well, at Music Notes Academy they do. We are aware of some music schools that promote “no home practice needed”. This is a load of brown sugar. The point is continuing music during the Summer gives students a substantial activity for the Summer months inside and outside the home.

So you’re probably considering that these recommendations and suggestions are from a biased perspective, as I own a music school. You’re right. Each year we experience these same instances. We offer many flexible options during the Summer and really want our students to excel musically. We work diligently all school year long and want to see students maintain and uphold their musicianship skills. Music schools should be busier in the Summer because students are not in school all day. Parents should want their child to continue the musical arts even though it’s Summer.