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Ready for Private Music Lessons

Ready for Private Music Lessons?

What does “ready” really mean? Here’s what we think at Music Notes Academy.

  1. Is the student showing an interest in learning and performing music?
    1. Is the student expressing interest in music in some fashion?
  2. Motor Control
    1. Does the student have the ability to coordinate hands independently or hold a pencil?
  3. Can the student listen and follow directions?
    1. This will be key. At Music Notes, we welcome parents to observe lessons from time to time. It’ll help with understanding what we are doing here, teaching music.
  4. Is there the ability to focus and remain attentive, for at least 30-minutes in length?
  5. Ability to distinguish between high and low sounds?
  6. Does the student have some reading skills and the ability to recognize numbers? This is not always a deal breaker, however it helps.
  7. Will the student understand and be able to practice for 5 to 15-minutes almost daily at home?
    1. This is also key. If the student cannot practice the instrument in between the private instruction or group class, on a regular basis give or take, then please do not start learning music. Wait, until time is available for a real commitment. Learning a musical instrument is unlike anything else. It takes a commitment to practice the instrument and time to succeed.

Now Parents…

  1. Are you committed to this process?
    1. This is not like attending a soccer game, swim meet or dance class – where all the “activity” happens at the “activity”. Meaning, most of the success here will occur with practicing at home in between the instruction.
  2. Will you purchase or rent the required instrument for home practice?
    1. You’ll need the instrument for home practicing. Just like with sports, you’ll need the uniform and the equipment. There is no way around this. Don’t be fooled into thinking “you do not need the instrument”.
  3. Do you have the time available to reference your child’s Student Assignment Book and help with practicing at home?
    1. We have this great book that we designed. It’s called… Learn Today, Play Tomorrow®. It’ll help with your music education tremendously. We designed the book with the student and parent in mind. It’s for you as much as your child.

We want students to succeed with music. There are so many life benefits to learning, playing and performing on a musical instrument. We also think students should be well-rounded and participate in other activities. However, please understand that music is much different compared to sports or tutoring. We hope this outline helps as we approach the New Year.

Visit with us at our East Brunswick, NJ Academy this month. Learn Today, Play Tomorrow®

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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