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Private Music Lessons

Get More With Music Notes

Get more with Music Notes. Students get more with their Music Notes’ education when attending Music Notes Academy. Here are some benefits to learning music at Music Notes Academy in East Brunswick, NJ.

  1. Staff of Music Teachers
    • Here at Music Notes we are working together as a staff of music teachers. We are not a school or music store where all the instructors are doing whatever and whenever. We work together as an Academy.
  2. Private Lessons, Classes & Ensembles
    • Because of Music Notes’ structure we are able to offer more: private lessons, classes, ensembles, rock bands, drum circles and more.
  3. Instrument Sales
    • We special order musical instruments and accessories for adult students and parents. We purposely do not stock significant inventory. We’d rather place our resources into ordering what’s best for specific students that choose to support their local community professionals.
  4. Instrument Rentals
    • Yes, we rent musical instruments too. Our process is simple, straight ahead, transparent and easy. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the process. If the instrument is not in the building, we’ll have it in a few days. Rent-to-own. Purchase outright anytime. Educator-approved instruments only.
  5. Instrument Repairs
    • Yes, we send our repairs to certified technicians and luthiers. We do not try and fix your instrument in the basement. Takes about 1 minute to complete the repair request form. We’ll call and email you when the instrument arrives back repaired.
  6. Instructional Programs & Offerings
    • We offer different types of commitment options. Schedule and pay for one private lesson or two private lessons at a time. Enroll for the school year and pay by the month. Enroll and pay by Semester. Enroll and pay for the School Year. Learn music only in the Summertime. Your commitment to us matters. Because we are committed to you. We are not freelancing. We teach music everyday.
  7. Accelerando
    • Accelerando was designed to specifically meet the needs and objectives of public school and daytime music teachers. Yes, we actually have a program that will coordinate with any local public or private school music program that wants to partner with Music Notes Academy. We should be a daytime school’s support system for their music students and teachers. We want to have a relationship and work together to help students succeed in their music performance and appreciation of the musical arts.
  8. Tied Notes
    • TiedNotes is our student duets program. We want students to play music together. We want siblings to play music together. TiedNotes connects and engages students, friends and families together.
  9. Performance Plus Certificate Program
    • Performance Plus Certificate Program is for our serious-minded music students. This includes performances, additional objectives during the school year, school year assessment and grade with certificate of completion.
  10. Director
    • Our Director is at our East Brunswick Academy pretty much all the time. Brandon continues to teach music and is available for students, parents and teachers. We as a music school produce MAMTG’s Student Music Festival which is a great student performance opportunity, held locally in Princeton, NJ.

Attending a music school like Music Notes Academy gives students and parents much more. When you call us or visit with us, remember we are not your freelancer music teacher running around teaching music on the side. We are teaching music everyday. You simply get more with Music Notes.

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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