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A Best Music School

We are A Best Music School

Here’s why.

We are going into our 17th school year teaching music. We started teaching percussion in 2000, by accident. Our Director didn’t want to teach music as he was focussed on performing and a performance career. However, Brandon gave teaching his undivided attention and really thought and prepared for each lesson thoroughly. Parents began referring Brandon to other parents continuously and Music Notes Academy was born. In 2006, he began adding teachers to Music Notes Academy and then began teaching private lessons in guitar, piano, voice and then woodwinds, brass and strings. Music Notes Academy is certainly not a new music school or new to teaching music.

Being a local leader in music teaching – and operating a music school that is transparent, legitimate and dedicated to its students, parents and teachers – we have some core beliefs and procedures that enable Music Notes Academy to be A Best Music School.

Most parents and adult students that call, email or inquire with us via our website for music lessons and instruction typically want to only know and have these exact questions:

“How much are your lessons?”

”Do I have to sign an agreement to sign-up?”

“Is there a commitment?”

“Do you give make-up lessons when we can’t attend?”

“How do I stop lessons?”

We will answer all of these questions below. First, here’s some preliminary and important information to know:

  • Teachers at Music Notes Academy are employees, not independent contractors. Our degreed professionals residing in our local communities are great people that care about teaching music. This is important for several reasons. One of which is, we all work together here. Even though we are mainly teaching private music lessons, this is not a music school where everyone is on their own, teaching whatever and doing whatever. This is not a conduit website for learning music. No matter who your teacher is here, your teacher here is a Music Notes teacher. We know these teachers are great, because we have a lengthy process to becoming a Music Notes teacher. Only the great ones make it through the process.

  • We are committed to having our students succeed with music. We want our students to enjoy performing music and offer several outlets to do so. Prospective parents and transfer parents (parents coming from another school or private teacher) often tell us that their son or daughter had no performance opportunities. Well, we offer a lot here. We value music performance, music appreciation and a progressive approach towards musical excellence. We offer and produce Winter Concerts, Spring Recitals, Tuesday and Saturday Concerts, attend community events and produce the nationwide MAMTG Student Music Festival.

  • We offer make-up classes for your private lesson absences. Yes, our backbeat make-up classes are group classes. Content in these classes may include music theory, rhythm development, music history, class performances, student critiquing, song writing, etc. For a music school that has a full enrollment, please tell us another solution to offering every student enrolled a make-up lesson for their absences. When we ask the students, they all enjoy the backbeat classes very much. They get to meet other music students that are also Music Notes students and get to learn from each other in a group setting. Furthermore, ask yourself if you’re willing to adjust your life for your boss or supervisor because you suddenly do not have any work on a particular day, for only 30mins or and hour, and then to come back, come early or stay late on another day to work and make-up that missed time. For adult students and parents that feel this policy is unfair, that’s okay. We have fineTUNE, which is an option to schedule and pay for specific amounts of private lessons.

How Much Are Our Lessons

  • Our tuition varies. We offer different programs and packages to give adult students and parents different levels of commitment towards their music education. We have everything presented and outlined at the Academy on one single sheet. We like to meet with adult students and parents first, to really see if we’ll be a great musical fit. Because tuition varies, it’s better to understand what your goals are musically before we reveal pricing that may not even be best suited for your goals. We also want to ensure you or your child will make a commitment towards practicing and actually have an instrument to practice with at home, like a piano or drum set. We are not a music school that will allow students to start private instruction without an instrument. That’s called wasting everyone’s time and money.

Agreement To Sign-Up

  • Yes. We have a policy agreement for adult students and parents. Most businesses, schools and legitimate entities do. Music Schools should be no different. People accept terms and conditions all the time. Let’s go back to the teachers, they are employees. Would you work at a school or company where your working hours and conditions were unpredictable and inconsistent? Would you feel comfortable giving your 100% to a profession, that you went to college for and earned an advanced degree in, that only offered uncertainty? Our teachers know that their teaching schedules are consistent and they can plan accordingly for their other music and education related employment surrounding Music Notes Academy. With this being said, we and they can properly plan for their students’ upcoming repertoire, curricular approaches and forecast accordingly for student performances, ensembles and bands and proper instructional time for upcoming semesters and school years. We want a commitment because we are committed to you. This is not a hair salon, where we are sitting around waiting for a walk-in or asking clients to adjust their appointment for another client’s specific needs. We’re going to see you on a regular weekly basis. We are giving you a commitment. We want a commitment in return. You should expect your local music school to want a commitment from you.

Ending Your Music Instruction

  • We get it. You want to know how to get rid of us when you’re ready. If you’re enrolled in our monthly option, then a month’s notice. If we reach the end of our school year together and you do not want to continue you can quietly fade into the Summer sunset and never return. Which is always a shame because our Summer Nights @ Music Notes Summer program is really great. Our Summer ’17 was one of our busiest Summers ever.

There are several poorly designed and managed music schools out there. We know of several. How do we know? From what their teachers applying to work here tell us. Some of the stuff applicants tell us we cannot even believe. But we’ll assume it’s true, since they’re applying to work here and are looking for something better. We also listen to what parents that started at other schools tell us. In our ’16-’17 school year we had the most transfer students, as compared to other school years. This means we had more students changing to Music Notes Academy after they had started elsewhere either with a private teacher or at another music school. There are also very great music schools. We know of them too. And we want our competitor music schools to be great. This as a whole makes our industry and music education more viable and sustaining. When music schools are great as a community it shows the community and market what this really should be. All music schools should want to be great and provide an experience for students and parents that is at least decent.

So, instead of calling every music school that appears in Google and screaming over the phone while you’re driving “how much are your lessons?” and “how do I stop if my child doesn’t like your teacher?” take a few minutes and visit with us. Learning and appreciating the musical arts is unlike anything else in life and it is a process. If you’re going to learn music with Music Notes, you’re going to learn and be expected to play music with us too.

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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