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Benefits of Private Music Lessons

The benefits of private music lessons are pretty significant. Here is a quick list we compiled for parents, as we start a new school year.

1 Private Music Lesson Teachers Provide Professional Musical Training
Musicians, especially undergraduates and graduate degreed musicians, are accustomed to long hours and time practicing their craft, their primary and secondary instrument, or sometimes several instruments of study. This training and mastery of a musical instrument, can be of great value for new music students. Musicians enjoy showing others what they know, and it’s gratifying to see students learn and play music.

2 Students Can Perform Solo
Students can perform as soloists, weekly, with their music teacher, and receive feedback instantly on their music playing. Students in school music classes and bands are usually playing only with other student musicians. Private lessons give students a chance to be a soloist and receive individualized attention.

3 Students Excel
Students can focus on and learn music theory, additional performance techniques, new repertoire, set specific musical goals that compliment and enhance a school instrumental music program. School Band and Orchestral teachers should encourage students and parents to study privately, it only helps students play better, which in turn helps their school program sound better.

4 Curricular Methods & Beyond
Curricular method books designed to enhance the one-to-one music learning are complimentary to school band music programs. School band music programs are great, and students should definitely participate and perform with their peers. The musicianship and development of a student musician is enhanced and accelerated with curricular methods that are designed to teach students in a one-to-one learning environment.

5 Student Recitals, Concerts, Auditions & Festivals
Daytime school music teachers should rely on private music teachers and their community music schools more. We are hear to help students succeed musically. The partnership between private music teachers and daytime music teachers should be strong, which can help students of any level become better prepared for seasonal concerts, music festivals, auditions and long-term musical goals.

6 Private Lesson Teachers As Role Models
We value our approach to teaching music comprehensively in a tailored approach to help each individual student perform their instrument well. The one-to-one time with a musician and music teacher can be a great asset for a student in a school music program. We want our students to excel and consistently aim to inspire students to reach their greatest potential. Thus, we can also be a great role model for students.

Learning music is a process, a long one, however a good one. Students who invest in themselves, and parents who support such an endeavor, really see the fruits of their labor once students start performing and playing great standard and popular repertoire. We love what we do here. We’d love to teach you music too. Check us out in East Brunswick or Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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