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Voice Curriculum

Our Voice Curriculum at Music Notes Academy includes learning different aspects of vocal technique, to help improve the singing voice, as well as learning, memorizing and performing new songs and repertoire. The main categories of technical improvement in our Voice Curriculum include —

  1. Breathing | Voice students will learn to use abdominal and thoracic breathing instead of clavicular breathing in order to optimize the amount of breath released as singing occurs.
  2. Posture & Alignment | Voice students will learn the best posture and alignment for singing in order to facilitate the proper breathing techniques and minimize tension throughout the body. Exercises are drawn from yoga, the Alexander technique, dance, stage movement and sports training.
  3. Phonation | The vibrating vocal folds are the basis of the vocal sound, students will learn the most efficient and beneficial way to begin, sustain and end the vibratory process of singing.
  4. Resonance | The acoustic spaces of the throat, mouth, nose/head and chest amplify the vibrations from the larynx and create the complex timbres unique to the human voice. The student will learn to adapt the resonant spaces for different vowels, registers and musical styles.
  5. Registration | Tied to resonance, the different registers of the voice deal with the modes of resonance that are felt for high sounds and low sounds. The student will learn to move smoothly from the bottom of his or her range to the top.
  6. Articulation | This area covers the elements of creating words with the muscles of the lips, tongue and jaw. The student will learn to sing with a relaxed open approach to words in order to reduce tension and will also learn to articulate words in different languages or different styles.
  7. Performing | After absorbing all that has been learned in the other categories the student will work on all facets of performing. These include microphone techniques, knowing how to bow, stand and move on stage, creating a character, establishing emotions for different phrases of a song and learning how to sing with other vocalists. Most of all, students will learn how amazing it is to share his or her unique voice and talent with an audience through performance opportunities.

Our Voice Curriculum for Private Lessons (or One-To-One Lessons) is divided into two sections – Technique & Repertoire.

  • Technique | Includes breathing, posture and vocal exercises that are done to help improve singing technique and teach students how to find his or her best sound. Using our voice exercises, supplemental materials provided to our voice students, students will then be able to practice our warm-ups and exercises at home, in between private instruction. This time may also be spent learning the basics of sight singing, rhythms, note identification and solfege.
  • Repertoire | Includes learning and singing new music, working on performance techniques specific to genre, styles and lyrics, as well as principle techniques to particular songs. We will choose appropriate repertoire for each student, which may include popular, classical, musical theater or select sections of music that will help improve the student’s abilities and musicianship as a singer.


Want to learn more? Contact us @ our East Brunswick Academy. (732) 238-2828. Ask to speak with Ms. Halley, one of our teachers.

Founder of Music Notes Academy, a '12 NJSBDC award-winning community music school in East Brunswick, NJ. A teacher of music since '00, with degrees in music and education, specializing in curriculum and instruction.

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