East Brunswick Music School

Our East Brunswick music school offers one-to-one in-studio music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum, drum set, percussion, violin, viola, cello, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, flute, music theorymusic composition and audio production & technology. Music Lessons are available for young children, adolescents and adults.

We teach backbeat group music classes, String Quartets, Instrumental Ensembles and Rock Bands throughout the school year and Summer. Students can perform in our concerts, recitals and nationwide MAMTG Student Music Festival. Ask us about our Music Notes Achievement Program.

✰ Start Learning & Playing Music This Summer & September ✰

  • LittleNOTES Pre School Piano 

  • DJ Classes for Kids

  • Instrument Ensembles

  • String Quartets

East Brunswick Music School

505 State Route 18 East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Call Music Notes @ (732) 238-2828

✰ Summer Hours ✰ Now Through 8/30/18 ✰ July & August ✰ Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 3:00-9:00 pm

Instrument Sales

Instrument Rentals

Instrument Repairs

✰ School Year ’18-’19 Hours ✰ Starts 9/4/18 ✰ Mondays through Fridays, 3:00-9:00 pm & Saturdays, 9:00-5:00 pm

Ask About our Music Lessons Achievement Program

Whitehouse Station Music School

Our Whitehouse Station music school is located within Whitehouse Preparatory School, located on Route 22 East in Whitehouse Station, NJ. Private and one-to-one piano, guitar, bass guitar and ukulele music lessons are available for students of all ages. Adults can learn music with us too during the school year and Summer. Ask us about our Music Notes Achievement Program.

✰ Start Learning & Playing Music This Summer & September ✰

Whitehouse Station Music School

587 Route 22 East ✰ Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Call Music Notes @ (908) 577-5905

✰ Summer Hours ✰ Now Through 8/30/18 ✰ July & August ✰ Mondays ✰ By Appointment Only

Instrument Sales

Instrument Rentals

Instrument Repairs

✰ School Year ’18-’19 Hours ✰ Starts 9/7/18 ✰ Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays ✰ By Appointment Only

Ask About our Music Lessons Achievement Program

Back to School. Back to Music. Enrollment Specials!

During our Summer Semester we have September enrollment specials during the weeks below. Check back each Monday to see your savings options for the upcoming week.

Get on our email mailing list or visit us at our East Brunswick Academy for complete information and details on our Enrollment Specials.


7/17/18 through 7/19/18

Sign-Up for private music instruction and pay tuition for school year ’18-’19, with cash or check – Save $49.


7/24/18 through 7/26/18

We’ll match any competitor music school private lesson price. Pay for School Year ’18-’19 & Summer ’19 with cash.


7/31/18 through 8/2/18

Coming Soon…


8/7/18 through 8/9/18

Coming Soon…


8/14/18 through 8/16/18

Coming Soon…


8/21/18 through 8/23/18

Coming Soon…

Private Music Lessons scheduling limited to our availability. back to school/back to music enrollment savings are available in-person at our East Brunswick Academy during the hours of 3pm to 9pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. For Whitehouse Station Academy location students/parents, just give us a call during Summer Hours.

Summer Music East Brunswick

Summer Nights @ Music Notes

Learn music this Summer with degreed music teachers who care about music education. East Brunswick and Whitehouse Station, NJ.

✰ Private Music Lessons ✰ All Instruments

✰ My Music Camp ✰

✰ DJ Classes for Kids ✰ Thursdays

✰ LittleNOTES Pre School Piano ✰ Private Lessons for students ages 3-5

✰ BYOB Drum Circles ✰ Thursdays

Reserve Your School Band & Orchestra Instrument Rentals

littleNotes ✰ Pre School Piano ✰ Private Piano Lessons for Children

Piano Lessons for children ages three through five. Have your child’s 1st Piano Adventure with music teachers in East Brunswick and Whitehouse Station this Summer and during school year ’18-’19. We can help with keyboard and piano purchasing options. Students will be introduced to the piano, learn about steady beat, loud and soft dynamics, music notes, reading and playing simple songs on a piano. This is the music program for young children. Learn Today, Play Tomorrow®


Piano Rental Specials

PianoPiano & Music Notes Academy are teaming up to provide Music Notes Academy students with quality pianos at exceptional prices. Rent A Piano in July or August for 12 months and your rental payments begin in September. $0 for July & $0 for August when you begin your piano lessons at Music Notes Academy East Brunswick or Whitehouse Station in July. Visit Music Notes Academy East Brunswick to see, touch and play specific pianos you can rent or purchase.

MAMTG's Student Music Festival

Our Student Music Festival 2018 Winning Students

Our MAMTG Student Music Festival was held in Princeton, NJ in April 2018. Music Notes Academy students performed in music competitions and evaluations. Congratulations to all performing students. Here are our winning students.

Y. Singh ✰ Piano Sight Reading Intermediate ✰ 1st Place

A. Soares ✰ Piano Sight Reading Junior ✰ 1st Place

N. Chandwani ✰ Piano Open Classical Solo Intermediate (A) ✰ 1st Place

D. Gurunath ✰ Piano Standard Classical Solo Prep ✰ 3rd Place

N. Bajaj ✰ Piano Standard Classical Solo Prep ✰ 2nd Place

E. Guy ✰ Piano Standard Classical Solo Level 1A ✰ 2nd Place

V. Gajaraj ✰ Piano Standard Classical Solo Level 2B (A) ✰ 1st Place

P. Jones ✰ Piano Standard Pop Intermediate ✰ 3rd Place

T. Rajeevan ✰ Strings Open Solo Intermediate ✰ 3rd Place

M. Byszynski ✰ Woodwinds Open Solo Junior ✰ 2nd Place

M. Byszynski ✰ Woodwinds Standard Solo Level 2 ✰ 1st Place

D. Doyle ✰ Percussion Open Solo Elementary ✰ 2nd Place

A. Ney ✰ Percussion Open Solo Intermediate ✰ 2nd Place

L. Renwick ✰ Percussion Open Solo Junior ✰ 2nd Place

A. Soares ✰ Guitar Open Pop/Rock Solo Junior ✰ 1st Place

S. Shrestha ✰ Guitar Standard Solo Level 1 ✰ 1st Place

R. Chandwani ✰ Guitar Standard Solo Level 2 ✰ 2nd Place

A. Ney ✰ Guitar Standard Solo Level 2 ✰ 1st Place

A. Goel ✰ Guitar Standard Solo Level 5 ✰ 1st Place

L. Doyle ✰ Bass Guitar Solo Prep ✰ 1st Place

“I know you all must be wiped after the fantastic festival, but before I forget I wanted to send this email to thank you both for all of your work with our daughters. Destiny did not want to do either the evaluation or the competition – but she went up for both and faced her fears. She even attended the drum clinic and got up and played… Lisea was extremely nervous – and I saw it in her playing. She played very slowly and she messed up a note on the competition. But if you truly knew my child, the fact that she continued after her mistake and did not stop and run out of the room is our victory for the day. We were too wiped to stay until the awards ceremony – but we did not need to because we really were so pleased with their progress in music and their growth in confidence – nothing could matter more. I am sure you hear this all the time, but thank you very much for all you are doing. These are not just music lessons, but they genuinely are lessons and tools for life.” – Lisa D.
MAMTG Student Music Festival
“Hi Brandon… I would like to congratulate you for a wonderful MAMTG weekend. It was everything you told us it would be and more. Both my kids had an invaluable and insightful experience.” -Mrs. Rao

“Hi Brandon, I first wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into the Festival. It was very nice and I really enjoyed seeing all the children… Thank you, Roseann B.”

MAMTG Student Music Festival
“Hello Brandon, Thank you for organizing a wonderful MAMTG 2018 event… Your colleagues and you have done an amazing job bringing so many students together and giving them a platform to perform, to learn and enjoy music in so many ways. My twins participated for the first time with MAMTG, through the Music Workshop Berwyn and they did win awards for all their performances but more than that they were so happy to experience performing under the observation of a judge and hear so many of the other participants with their unique style of performing. Hope to be there next year also at the MAMTG. Thank you for all your hard work. Thanks, Kavita M.
MAMTG Student Music Festival
DJ Classes & Lessons for Kids

DJ Classes & Lessons for Kids

DJ Classes & Lessons for Kids. Explore the different sub genres of EDM. Find melodic inspiration, learn about chord progressions and create grooves. Learn how to use drum machines, sequencers and produce a song with DAW software.

Summer Classes & Private Lessons are Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 pm.

School Year ’18-’19 Too. Contact Us for Class Days & Times.

Musical Instrument Rentals

Musical Instrument Rentals, Sales & Repairs

We rent, sell and repair musical instruments. Schedule your instrument rental now for the upcoming school year. Our rental instruments are quality instruments, at affordable prices with options to purchase. Instrument Rentals start at $1 per day or $29.99 per month. Visit us at our East Brunswick Academy.

Music Notes Academy's Rock Bands

Rock Bands. Schedule Your Audition. Now through 8/30/18.

We are scheduling auditions now for our Rock Bands. Student Rock Bands will start in September. Now’s the time to schedule an audition for proper band placement. We create student rock bands based upon student ages and performance ability levels.

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Music Notes’ History

In 2000, Music Notes Academy began as an in-home music lesson provider, starting with drum lessons in Bridgewater, NJ. The approach was comprehensive instruction, teaching percussion students how to play the drums, read music, learn music theory and gain proficiency in rudiments and performance techniques.

In 2006, we began teaching all instruments and offering student concerts, recitals, percussion ensembles and rock bands in Madison, NJ at The George Burroughs Auditorium. For school year ’09-’10, we launched Music Notes In Your School and we became the Purnell School’s music education provider.

In school year ’10-’11, Music Notes Academy acquired Brunswick Music Academy in East Brunswick, NJ. We then began teaching music theory, musical theater classes and workshops, developed our LittleNotes early childhood program and expanded our musical instrument sales, rentals and repairs division. We introduced Summer Nights at Music Notes, Saturday Concert Series and continued teaching Rock Bands and String Quartets. We were nominated and won SBDC’s Small Business Success Award for 2012.

Starting with the ’12-’13 school year, we became Whitehouse Prep’s music education provider where we instructed their daytime music classes. This great relationship blossomed into opening within their school and teaching private music lessons as Music Notes’ Whitehouse Station location.

In 2015, we released our Learn Today, Play Tomorrow® Student Assignment Book through backbeat Music Publishing and became the staff and producer of MAMTG’s nationwide Student Music Festival. In August 2016, we moved to our current building, which is larger and more suitable for our students and parents. As a leading music school for MAMTG, we’ve been integral in the improvements and enhancements of its student music festivals since 2015.

We continue to collaborate with local professionals and organizations in music education. We were an affiliate store for Music & Arts from April 2016 through March 2018. We began a partnership with Song Piano in November 2016 which has led to Music Notes Academy having a Song Piano Kawai piano at our East Brunswick Academy for students learning piano. School Year ’17-’18 saw the beginnings of a great partnership with our new friends, State Theatre NJ.

For Music Notes Academy, everything we’ve done since the first music lesson in 2000 has been centered and focused around a comprehensive approach to learning music. We are passionate about teaching music to students and adults, encouraging the musical arts and sharing in the benefits of a music education.

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