Music Student Development - Music Notes Academy

Connect. Practice. Develop. Perform.

TiedNotes℠ our student duets program – created by Sean, our Chairperson of Wind Instrument Studies – was designed to bring students together to learn and develop their skills as musicians.

Students with approximately similar levels of musicianship will get together to practice, share ideas, play duet music and aim to perform in concert. This partnership will build new relationships, strengthen our students and encourage musical and artistic excellence.

4 Steps to TiedNotes℠

Connect | Students will further develop musicianship skills when interacting with musicians of similar age and skill level.

Practice | Students will learn from each other, see how other students practice and work together towards musical excellence.

Develop | Students will develop creativity, communication, leadership skills and enthusiasm for performing music.

Perform | Students may perform together, possibly relieving the stress of stage presence while heightening the experience of performing.

String Quartets | A TiedNotes Ensemble

We have String Quartets ongoing throughout our School Year and Summer Semester. Our String Quartets perform in our Saturday Concert Series, Winter Concerts and Spring Student Recitals.

  • To effectively contribute to the teamwork environment as part of weekly rehearsals, students involved with our string quartets must be enrolled with one-to-one private music lessons as well.