Viola Lessons for Beginners & Advanced Students

The heart of the string section in an orchestra, the viola’s range falls below a violin however above a cello. It has a gorgeous woodsy-like sound. Unassuming in an orchestra yet haunting and almost vocal as a solo instrument, the viola can be an incredibly beautiful instrument to play. Viola lessons for beginner through advanced students can be really enjoyable at our East Brunswick Academy.

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Learn About Your Viola. Getting Started.

Learn with our expert viola instructor to refine your skills and help you advance to the next level. You can attend viola one-to-one lessons at our East Brunswick Academy.

The bridge is preset and held down by the tension of the strings. Some violas arrive new with the bridge not set at the correct height for the player. The bridge may need to be adjusted.
Gradually tighten each string in the sequence of G-D-C-A (inner strings first, then outer strings) one at a time. Do not tighten one string all the way to the desired pitch, as this will create unequal pressure on the bridge, which may cause it to fall.
The pegs can shrink or expand due to changes in temperature and humidity. When pegs shrink, they will not fit accordingly, simply apply rosin powder or peg drop oil on the pegs and peg hole. This will fill the gap and increase tension.
Floss the bow with rosin for around 2-3 minutes until you see the white powders come out from the horse hair before it can make a sound.
The sound post may not be in a fixed position, however is held in place for custom fitting to match the curvature of the instrument. During shipping, it’s possible for the sound post to come loose.

Why Choose Us

      • We enjoy teaching music, comprehensively
      • We want our students to succeed musically
      • We expect music practicing at home, in between instructional lessons
      • We are a full-service music education company
      • We want students to enrich their lives through music
      • We offer concerts and recitals
      • We produce a nationwide music festival, held in Whippany, NJ

String Quartets for Beginners through Advanced Students

We have String Quartets ongoing throughout our School Year and Summer Semesters. Our String Quartets perform in our Saturday Concert Series, Winter Concerts and Spring Student Recitals. Talk with us to learn about Quartet rehearsal and class schedules.