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Guitar lessons can help you strum some chords around the campfire or firepit. Jam with your friends. Start a band. Make sounds that wail and play riffs that will blow people away. Play any style of music you can think of – Blues, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Folk, Metal, Country and more. It’s time to learn to play the guitar and start shredding.

Guitar lessons for Beginners & Advanced Students

Learn guitar with our expert guitar instructors to refine your skills and help you advance to your next musical level. You can attend in-studio guitar classes at our East Brunswick or Whitehouse Station Academy.

Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Beginner bass guitar students can learn at our East Brunswick or Whitehouse Station Academy. You never know… our Rock Band program may need a bass player!

Interested in taking Guitar or Bass Guitar lessons?

To get started, you can register online. Or call (732) 238-2828 and we’ll take care of everything. We look forward to speaking with you soon.